Why This One-Day Trip To Antarctica Is Worth Every Ringgit!


July 17, 2017 | BY Nafisa Dahodwala

White Desert, a luxury adventure tour company, is letting you travel to the South Pole and back, all in a day for RM837,000.

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What really lies at the southernmost tip of the earth? Besides penguins, of course.

Finally, here’s an adventure tour company that transports you right into the heart of Antarctica and back, in just a single day, adapting to carbon-neutral schemes as a part of their commitment to preserving the great white continent.

White Desert, a luxury adventure tour company, is the only company in the world to fly into the interior of Antarctica in a private jet!

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Aptly called as the ‘Greatest Day,’ the journey begins from Cape Town, South Africa where guests board a Gulfstream private jet to embark on the next leg of their adventure.

Soaring over hundreds of icebergs, the Gulfstream jet flies across the Southern Sea for five and half hours before landing on the ice-blue runway of Wolf Fang, which sits on the most stunning mountains on the entire continent.

Imagine landing at an airport where in the place of glass and concrete, you are surrounded by kilometer-high monoliths of rock that rise vertically from the ice!

On arrival, the guests are welcomed by professional polar explorers who escort them to luxe thermal pods in modified 4x4s, for some rest and recovery before they begin exploring the giant white vastness of the Antarctic continent that surrounds them.

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This one-day trip gives guests the leisure to enjoy their surroundings for over six hours on land and has several activities in store, from gentle to adrenaline fueled. There are pleasant treks, visits to nearby ice grottos which are natural tunnels winding through the glacier as well as a chance for a sauna at the Russian Science Base.

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The day culminates with a champagne gourmet lunch at a special Game of Thrones table before boarding the Gulfstream jet and heading back to Cape Town.

All this, while constantly being surrounded by surreal geographical formations and beautiful icy sights, is the best a one-day luxury trip could ever get!

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The exclusive ‘Greatest Day’ adventure tour has a capacity of only 12 guests at a time and is priced at a whopping USD 195,000 which roughly translates to over RM837,000! Not surprisingly enough, the tour has already attracted the likes of royals from Saudi Arabia, top company CEOs and high profile society elites.

White Desert also offers an eight-day ‘Emperors & South Pole’ tour that takes guests to the lowest point on Earth –the geographic South Pole and to the Atka Bay penguin colony that harbours over 6000 penguins and their cute young chicks.

If you are looking for something shorter, but not as short as 24 hours, there is also the ‘Ice & Mountains’ four-day tour that take guests through the Wolf Fang Mountain Peak, which rises 1000m out of the ice creating a landscape that is simply breathtaking.

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Would we say that the Greatest Day might turn out to be the priciest road trip you could ever imagine? Probably so. But then, when else would you be presented with an opportunity to fly to the South Pole in a private jet, stay in luxurious pods and glimpse the most fantastic ice formations all in 24 hours?

To find out more, visit the White Desert official website.

(Photos: White Desert)

An expedition to Antarctica is one for the truly adventurous, like Datuk Kelvin Tan who chose the white desert as his travel destination. 

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