Classy and contemporary cuisine come together in this charming colonial-style dining establishment, named for the year the Eastern & Oriental Hotel, where it is housed, was established.



E & O Hotel, 10 Lebuh Farquhar, 10200 Penang

+604 222 2000



Opening Hours Daily

Lunch Hours2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Dinner Hours7:00 PM - 10:30 PM

Dress CodeSmart casual



Accept Credit CardYes

Smoking AreaYes


The colonial interior of 1885, which portrays the restaurant name, is charming and allows for an intimate dining experience. Tables are well spaced out and the ambiance is very much suited for couples or small group dinners.


The chef’s special amuse-bouche is chicken ragout in a crispy charcoaled waffle, topped with alfalfa sprouts. The tender chicken slices are well seasoned with hints of cream and tomato.

For starters, the premium grade tuna loin comes highly recommended. It is beautifully crafted and topped with a generous sprinkling of chives. The tuna is well seasoned with soy sauce and an emulsion of white truffle oil, which gives every bite an explosion of flavours.

Choice entrees include the braised Wagyu beef cheek and Grade 7 Wagyu fillet. A minimalistic arrangement, which definitely has the Wagyu beef cheek as the hero of the plate. It is delicately plated with asparagus, caramalised onion, onion cream and droplets of dark soy sauce. The Grade 7 Wagyu fillet is charmingly presented, medium rare, with its meat beautifully marbled. Comte cheese, nashi pear and fondant potatoes perfectly complement the melt-in-the-mouth Wagyu fillets. The combination of flavours makes this dish the hero of the night.

To end the meal on a sweet note, the crepes Suzette are the dessert of choice. A server flames the crepes at the table and the refreshing taste of the dessert is thanks to orange juice and zesty flavours of orange peel that are elevated with a splash of Grand Marnier. When complemented with vanilla ice cream, it is the perfect finish to any dinner.  

There are a variety of house wines to choose from including Australia, Chile and New Zealand. Overall, the list offers a reasonably priced range of labels, from growing European, American and African regions. Wines are priced between RM200 and RM800 per bottle, to about RM1,800 for more premium/vintage wines. Dessert, sparkling wines and champagnes are also available. The house selection – Australian Chardonnay and Shiraz Cabernet Cranswick Lakefield – are good choices. The Chardonnay is refreshing and not too dry while the Shiraz Cabernet complements the Wagyu very well.

Guests are greeted warmly and shown to their tables. Service is generally hospitable, however, staff can be more knowledgeable of the menu and recommended dishes. Courses are served in a timely manner and paced out comfortably.

RM300/Per person

The tuna loin and dessert are reasonably priced considering their wonderful taste and flavours, however, the portions for the main courses could have been a little bigger. Wines meanwhile, are considered reasonable for the serving size.