Latin American

Level 23A, Tower B, The Troika, 19 Persiaran KLCC, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.

T: +603 2162 0886



Opening Hours Daily

Dinner Hours6 PM - 11 PM

Dress CodeSmart Casual




Accept Credit CardYes

Smoking AreaYes


Date of review: December 22, 2016 | Reviewed by:


The restaurant has one of the best views in town, with a stunning layout of KLCC’s Twin Towers and other iconic city landmarks laid out for all to see from the main dining area. Fuego is positioned such that guests are only able to dine al fresco, where a small bar and kitchen occupies the floor space together with dining tables for a more casual dining experience. Whether this is a positive or a negative thing is subjective to individuals.

Due to its popularity, reservations are a must. Reservations are further broken down into two available timeslots: 6:30pm – 8:30pm or 8:30pm till late. Those who opt for the 6:30pm timeslot will be able to watch the setting sun but will have to vacate their tables if the restaurant is expecting full occupancy at the end of their allotted timeslot.


Start your meal with the pickled prawn guacamole, arepas (savoury dough sandwiches found in Colombian and Venezuelan cuisine), salted cod roe croquettes and crispy school prawn.

The pickled prawn guacamole is a different twist on the restaurant’s signature guacamole, adding the tartness and sweet small chunks of prawn meat to enhance the creamy, slightly spicy, guacamole. The guacamole is served with a variety of chips (lotus root, cassava) that add additional flavour elements. Be warned that the chips serving isn’t very generous but if you would like more to accompany your guacamole then you are free to order an additional serving.

The arepas, new to the menu, comes in two versions: crunchy soft shell crab and beef shin. Both arepas are chewy with a slightly charred exterior and are denser compared to white bread. The soft shell crab version has a hint of wasabi and its texture contrasts the density of the maize bread with a hint of oriental savouriness. The beef shin on the other hand, is savoury and spicy thanks to jalapenos that add a pleasant heat element.

The salted cod roe croquettes feature a very strong cod taste with a crunchy exterior. The croquettes filling is creamy, while garnishing consisting of seaweed and salmon roe add a Japanese twist to the dish. Next, the crispy school prawn, a bowl of buttery, smoky, crispy prawns that easily go with anything in  the restaurant, especially cocktails.

The signature dish, Malabar fish stew is fresh, tasty and cooked to perfection. The dish comes in a small pot with rice, immensely spicy habaneros and a very palatable gravy. The generous fish portion is delicious and goes well with the  rice. Spinach hash brown and Portobello mushrooms and excellent sides to accompany the fish stew. The hash browns are incredibly crispy and delicious when taken with a serving of sour cream while the mushrooms exude a delicious earthy and juicy taste.

To end the meal, another signature – churros – is the one to sample. Very appetising, the churros are crispy, doughy and have a wonderful cinnamon flavour while the provided salted caramel mousse helps make this dish a clear winner.


The restaurant specialises in cocktails and the drinks score points on presentation and go along well with the foods served at the restaurant. The delectable signature margarita has a strong kick with a smoky lemon element while the glass is rimmed with a dusting of cinnamon and salt for additional flavour depth. The whisky sour comes in a metal tin with corn and spicy herbed garnishing and goes very well with the fish stew.



Service is spot on, with attentive staff to show you the way to the restaurant upon arrival and table staff diligently coming to your need should you require it. The cheerful staff also have no qualms about recommending signature dishes and listening to our likes and dislikes before making suggestions. They are also attentive, filling glasses and swapping plates whenever needed and even helping other guests snap photos against the gorgeous background.

Price   $$$$

RM250/Per person

Couples can get by with RM100 to RM150 per person if they limit themselves to one drink and a few shared plates. A meal at Fuego definitely costs more than the average restaurant of this quality but it certainly justified by the superb food, service and ambiance.