Corus Hotel, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur

T: 03 2160 5921



Opening Hours Daily

Lunch Hours12 PM - 2:30 PM

Dinner Hours6:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Dress CodeSmart Casual



Accept Credit CardYes

Smoking AreaYes


Date of review: December 23, 2016 | Reviewed by:


The restaurant is strategically located on the ground floor of Corus Hotel, just opposite the main entrance, identified by a traditional Japanese Noren. The pathway is paved with rustic cemented rock tiles, reminiscent of the golden Japanese era.

Komura is suitable for dates, business meetings or even family/group dinners, but not particularly child friendly, as rooms are not entirely spacious. The entire layout and design of the restaurant is unique, as there are not many Japanese restaurants in Malaysia that have private rooms make up almost the entire restaurant.


Shortly after guests are seated, they are served a generous portion of Japanese seaweed salad to start.

No Japanese meal is complete without a serving of fresh sashimi. The tsuki sashimi moriawase of six types of seafood – thick, yet refined cuts of shake (salmon), maguro (tuna), hamachi (farmed yellowtail). mekajiki (swordfish), hotate (scallop), and amaebi (sweet shrimp) – is beautifully presented over a wooden box of crushed ice, surrounded by garnishes of fresh avocado, cucumber, radish, carrots and seaweed. The thickness of the cut demonstrates the freshness of every bite in each seafood, especially the hotate, which delectably melts in the mouth.

The unagi kabayaki is an all-time favourite here. The grilled unagi is cooked to perfection without the sweet kabayaki sauce overpowering the original taste of the fish, yet every bite radiates the right amount of sweetness.

For carbs, the spider maki and nabeyaki udon are highly recommended. The spider maki is generously portioned, with its stuffing of fried soft shell crab, avocado, fish roe, and salad, lavishly rolled by a thin layer of rice and tobiko, topped with a splash of mayonnaise. Each bite is heavenly with just the right amount of ingredients in each roll. The nabeyaki udon, a basic Japanese delicacy is perfect. The soup has just the right amount of dashi, which does not leave guests thirsty, and complements the al dente udon. The dish is finished off with with ebi tempura, fish cake, beef, mushroom, and vegetables. 

The teppanyaki scallop is another crowd pleaser. Elegantly presented on top of a bed of citrusy tomato and capsicum sauce, are perfectly timed scallops. This is accompanied by a mild taste of soy bean paste on the side.

To end, the homemade matcha ice-cream is guaranteed to satisfy all palates. It isn’t too sweet and has just the right burst of soothing green tea flavour with every spoonful.


There are four types of specialty sakes to choose – sake, nama sake, ginjo and bottle sake. Other house specialties include Asahi Beer and a limited selection of Japanese traditional hard liquor, shochu. The house sake, which comes warm in a sake carafe, is enough to fill about three to four sake glasses. The recommended nama sake is extremely refreshing and easy on the throat and complements the heavy udon, maki and teppanyaki dishes. Other available alcoholic beverages include classic western cocktails, spirits and liqueurs.


Service staff are extremely prompt in terms of serving time, and attentively checking if guests like our courses to be served in intervals or immediately. Plates and cutlery are also observantly replaced upon finishing a course. All staff serve with a smile and this makes the dining experience even more pleasant. Most are knowledgeable on the menu, and are helpful in recommending dishes.

Price   $$$$

RM150/Per person

Overall, the prices justify the quality and portions of the dishes. Most items on the menu are suitable for sharing, especially sashimi, maki, grilled and teppanyaki dishes. Komura also offers a comprehensive ‘eat all u can’ menu (cooked upon order) on weekends and public holidays (lunch and dinner) at RM115 per person. Of course, not all signature items are featured in this menu.