Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

T: 012-3235841


Dinner Hours5PM to 1AM

Dress CodeCasual



Accept Credit CardYes

Smoking AreaNon Halal


Date of review: December 1, 2016 | Reviewed by:


Another restaurant at Bandar Utama’s skyscraping gastronomical hub, YeZi fulfils The Roof’s oriental requirement in the most traditional and comforting way possible – with a hot pot. Making full use of its large section of the rooftop, YeZi’s décor pays homage to old China, with large ornamental light pieces that set off the warm tones of the wood across the floor, walls and the chairs. The end result is a restaurant that feels like a home, albeit one with only a dining room, that comes with a stunning view of the city below.


Despite its seemingly high-end setting, YeZi maintains the ‘no-frills’ style hot pot dining is known for, which, for the experienced diner means ordering everything in one go having it served just as quickly.

The extensive menu covers a wide array of seafood, homemade meatballs, dumplings, vegetables and even Wagyu beef. But the star of every steamboat is the broth, and the options here are equally diverse.

While its namesake coconut broth is a must-try, the more adventurous eater might want to opt for the slightly more indulgent wild forest truffle and mushroom broth. This broth served as an excellent base for our any meal with its predominantly earthy tone that gets just enough of a subtle boost from the truffle.

Two deep-fried appetisers – otak-otak dumpling and salt and pepper mushrooms – offer a nice contrast to the rest of the meal. 

YeZi typically serves parties of four, six or more, so some dishes, like the black truffle balls and lobster salad balls come one per person. The former shows off YeZi’s proclivity for subtlety when it comes to its use of truffle – letting the pork be the star of the show – while the latter is a breaded and fried dumpling stuffed with a rich and creamy lobster salad. 

The coconut dumplings are not limited by the size of the party, and thankfully so, because not only are they light and easy to gorge on, they show off why the restaurant names itself after the coconut.

To round off the meal, a healthy portion of Chinese cabbage and bamboo charcoal ramen serve as perfect vessels to enjoy the broth with a variety of textures.


Although the restaurant offers a handful of wine and beer options, the range isn’t extensive and is sold, at a reasonable price, by the bottle.


The staff offer plenty of solid recommendations, and advice on the best dishes and pairings, ensuring a well-balanced meal, without over-serving. The hot pot is regularly refilled without asking, and staff stay close-by and are attentive when it comes to keeping the broth at a steady temperature, ensuring a pleasant experience overall.

Price   $$$$

As YeZi typically serves parties of four or six, odd numbered parties are asked to choose servings for four or six. Most parties will find one appetizer sufficient and may even forgo the noodles if they want to keep some room for the dessert.