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Close Up 7 Tips For Understanding Academic Results At Garden International School

7 Tips For Understanding Academic Results At Garden International School

7 Tips For Understanding Academic Results At Garden International School
By Tatler Malaysia
September 18, 2020
Garden International School Special
Despite these challenging times, Garden International School recorded another impressive year of IGCSE and A-Level results, reaffirming their position as one of the best British international schools in the world

In 2020, Garden International School (GIS) achieved their best set of A-Level results in 10 years, with all 100 students graduating from Sixth Form with 100 per cent pass rate. Meanwhile, 120 students were entered for exams across 29 subjects for IGCSE, with an impressive 76 per cent of these grades awarded A/A*.

Here's a breakdown of this year's achievements:

  • GIS cohort size: A total of 433 students sat IGCSE and A Level examinations.
  • 81 per cent of all grades at A-Level were A*/A with 100% pass rate.
  • 70 per cent A-Level students achieved straight A*/A grades.
  • 76 per cent of all grades at IGCSE were A*/A, with nearly 50 per cent A*.
  • 99 per cent of students will go on to study at their first or second choice university, with many winning places at the world’s top universities including Stanford, Brown, UCLA, Oxford, Cambridge and LSE.
  • Six students won places at Oxbridge and 10 students received offers to study Medicine or Dentistry in the UK.
  • GIS Value Added score for A Level is +1.0. This means that GIS' outstanding teachers make the difference of approximately one additional grade on average for each student in each subject.

These excellent results are even more impressive considering the unprecedented challenges of the year, in particular the lockdown that necessitated a shift from classroom to online learning. They are a true testament to the dedication and hard work of the students as well as GIS' innovative learning culture coupled with a talented, supportive teaching faculty.

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Graduating GIS students achieved exceptional results this year
Graduating GIS students achieved exceptional results this year

Even as we applaud the students' brilliant achievements, research and experience have also taught us that sometimes that desire to succeed can translate into pressure and increased anxiety. As parents, how do we ensure that we strike the right balance? How do we ensure that the journey to achieve outstanding results also takes into account the wellbeing of the student?

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To really dig deeper when exploring schools' success stories, apply these seven top tips::

1/7 Check the size of the cohort

A percentage can be impressive, but the number of students entered for the exams may be small. Check how many students are represented by the statistic before you are wowed by the headline.

GIS students are high achievers
GIS students are high achievers

2/7 Zoom in on the ‘value-added’ score

This shows the 'extra' achievement a child has made, taking into account their natural ability—an excellent indicator of the quality of teaching.

3/7 Look at historical data for consistency

It’s important that your child receives a consistently outstanding education. To ensure that a school has an excellent proven track record of this, be sure to check out their past academic results.

4/7 Ask how inclusive the school is

An inclusive school ensures it provides for students of all abilities, including those with different learning needs. 

5/7 Check out the graduates’ next destinations

Outstanding academic results should open doors to the world’s best universities.  

6/7 Find out how many subjects are offered

A broad range of subjects offered means that your child will have a greater chance of discovering a pathway that is perfectly suited to them, ensuring they are ready to shine amongst the stars.

7/7 Compare apples with apples

Schools will have different ways of formulating their results to ensure they look their best. Choose which grades matter to you most and clarify which are included in the data provided. Keep it consistent, and good luck!

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To celebrate their outstanding results, GIS is offering 100 per cent fee waiver until Sept 20, 2020. Click here to enjoy this offer.

  • Images Courtesy of Garden International School


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