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Close Up CEO of Chatime Bryan Loo appointed local influencer of Haig Club

CEO of Chatime Bryan Loo appointed local influencer of Haig Club

Bryan Loo and David Beckham at Haig Club London.
By Dian Pasquinal Kaur
May 25, 2015

Malaysian entrepreneur and CEO of Chatime Malaysia, Bryan Loo shares his experience as the local influencer of Haig Club whisky.

After the much talked about David Beckham’s visit to Malaysia last year to launch the Haig Club, the new Single Grain Whisky from the House of Haig is unstoppable in its mission to spread the goodness of its whisky.

It embarked on a global exercise to appoint local influencers to endorse and share the brand (and liquid) with the influencers’ large network of family, friends and associates.

Bryan Loo and David Beckham at Haig Club London.

Dynamic entrepreneur Bryan Loo, the man responsible for the massive expansion of Taiwanese tea brand Chatime in Malaysia, joins the influencers appointed by the brand from around the world including actress Kate Walsh from the USA and actor Lee Seo Jin from South Korea.

Other than the exciting partnership with David Beckham, the liquid itself appeals to whisky drinkers because it’s light and crisp with hints of coconut, vanilla and butterscotch. Haig Club was recently awarded a bronze medal in the coveted 2015 International Whisky Competition in the Best Grain Whisky category.

Curated Haig Club cocktails served at Haig Club London.

How has the experience been since your appointment as the local influencer for Haig Club?

I am truly honoured. I learned that my selection was about honouring a person who could be bold – like Haig Club – to kick-start a new brand from scratch, be different and brave enough to take up the challenge to create success. It is a journey of entrepreneurship, self-discovery and leaving a legacy. These are the values that I extract from this collaboration with Haig Club.

You met David Beckham and Simon Fuller in London recently, what was the experience like?

The event took place at the Wellington Arch, where it was turned around to imitate the 1920’s British social club scene. David Beckham and I talked about family, my business here in Malaysia and its origins. It felt very personal to me because usually in such big events, conversations are short and casual. It was also a great opportunity to explore business collaborations with many distinguished individuals.

What is your role as an influencer?

We are encouraged to throw our own events every now and then. Whenever I throw parties for my corporate friends or close buddies; I always ensure Haig Club is present on the table for my guests to discover and appreciate. If it’s a very intimate dinner, I bring along a bartender to create Haig Club drink mixes.

Complete the following sentence: A good whisky is…

…so versatile that it can be mixed with different ingredients. A lot of whiskies taste so well by itself but don’t make good cocktails. In many ways, I feel that Haig Club has a natural spirit of collaboration.



(Photo: Haig Club)

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