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Close Up Champion Fathers Part 2: James Tee, Tunku Danny and Robin Ang

Champion Fathers Part 2: James Tee, Tunku Danny and Robin Ang

(L-R) Cayla, Clarissa and James Tee
By Malaysia Tatler
June 09, 2014

In our 'Champion Fathers' series, we give you a sneak peek into our June 2014 Sports issue where we feature six successful men who find joy in passing on their love for sports to their children.

Growing up, you will realise that there is one topic that never fails to surface in a man's conversation and that is sports. Sports has always been part and parcel of every man's life, especially fathers. They are the ones who will always try to find an opportunity to acquaint their favourite game with their children. 

In the month of June when FIFA World Cup and Father's Day are both happening, it was only fitting that we put a focus of fatherhood and sports in our June 2014 issue.

Following the first part of our 'Champion Fathers' series, we present to you three other men – James Tee, Tunku Dany Nasaifuddin Mudzaffar and Robin Ang – who are also excellent fathers who love to bring sports into their children's lives.

James, Clarissa and Cayla Tee

 “My youngest, Cayla, is like her mother. She’s a lady, very prim and proper. However, both my girls are also very meticulous and detailed,” shares James Tee about the personalities of his two daughters. He grinned as his wife, Celest Thoi, blushed at his warm compliment.

“Clarissa is well, like me,” he adds, a tone of ruefulness in his voice as he nods at the precocious elder girl who was following our photographer around and asking questions about everything. For this high-ranking gentleman working in the financial sector at a prestigious local bank, fatherhood came early at the age of 24, shortly after he and Celest got married.

“Everything changed after that. I became more domesticated. I came home earlier from work to make sure Celest is alright and I would always press my ears against her tummy to listen and feel Clarissa’s kicks,” he reflects, thinking about those days. “When she was born, I couldn’t wait to go home and be with her. I used to let her sleep on my chest and I would enjoy every bit of the moment especially when her soft baby skin presses against mine. When Cayla was born, I had twice as much reason to be home!”

Tunku Danny Nasaifuddin Mudzaffar and Tunku Gabriella Amiera Mudzaffar

“She’s got her playful nature from me,” says Tunku Danny Nasaifuddin apologetically as his daughter Tunku Gabriella Amiera kept hugging him instead of looking at the camera throughout the shoot. As her father often spends hours at work as the director of BNP Paribas Malaysia, Tunku Gabriella instinctively knew that time with her father is precious and therefore seizes the chance she gets to play with him by always going to him for a kiss or a cuddle. “My daughter loves giving out kisses and hugs to us and I think she got her affectionate nature from her mother,” laughs Tunku Danny.

The third child of Tunku Datuk Mudzaffar and Tunku Dara Naquiah, Tunku Danny recalls how he took two and a half weeks off from work after the birth of his daughter to support his wife. “Of course, the first few weeks were tiring and stressful, with a distinctive lack of sleep, but I pushed on through, knowing that I have given my all for my baby. I even did my fair share of nappy changing in those few weeks!” says Tunku Danny.

Robin and Nara Ang

With her soft voice and observant eyes, Nara Ang is a miniature version of her mother, Dianna Lee. “She’s so very much like Dianna, almost like her mini-me. I think she inherited all of my wife’s goodness and kind heart,” says Nara’s father, Robin Ang, with warm affection. “My wife is amazing, she takes care of everything and I do the playing. She is a truly committed mother; she is the best teammate when it comes to parenthood!”

A few minutes into the photo shoot, we could see that Nara is very much a daddy’s little girl as well. “Nara is very independent, observant and witty. She is also such a fast learner. She is like a parrot now, repeating every word we say.

But the amazing thing is that she can understand the emotions and meaning of the words she says,” explains Robin, who is the founder and managing director of three start-up businesses: Wall Tailor, Loanstreet and Buildscape.

To read the full story of the six successful men on enjoying sports and fatherhood, get a copy of Malaysia Tatler June 2014 issue, available on newsstands now or click here to purchase the digital version.

Photography and Art Direction: Allan Casal, Styling: Azza Arif


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