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Close Up Couple Spotlight: How Kim Raymond & Keith Foo Went From Power Couple To Chic Parents

Couple Spotlight: How Kim Raymond & Keith Foo Went From Power Couple To Chic Parents

Couple Spotlight: How Kim Raymond & Keith Foo Went From Power Couple To Chic Parents
By Jessica Liew
May 07, 2018

In the public eye, they’re better known as the photogenic pair who coordinates each other’s outfits like soulmates do. To their family and friends, they’re simply known as Kim and Keith, 2 beautiful lovebirds who love nothing more than family time, good food, and travelling. Behind their Bonnie and Clyde synergy, is a special story of how Kim Raymond and Keith Foo started off as friends, and got together at a fateful reunion. Back then, the high society stylist and Jakarta-based actor were friends for 11 years before they started dating. A year on, they got engaged and made it official on December 21st, 2014. The arrival of baby Skylar shows no signs of slowing down this energetic pair – if anything, it’s a milestone that’s strengthened their bond and brought new joy to their lives. Click on to see how their love story has lit up the style circuit through the years.

Kim Raymond & Keith Foo 2014 nov mcm

MCM KL boutique opening, 2014

In their early days, Kim and Keith started off as 2 independent individuals, who worked hard and pursued their vastly different ambitions and life goals. Kim was a sought-after stylist and respectable personality at KL’s coveted fashion events and parties. Keith was making a name for himself as an actor in Jakarta, where he lived for 10 years. 


Kim Raymond & Keith Foo 2015 may nobu

Nobu Malaysia official launch 2015

The 2 were friends for 11 years, until one fateful day, they crossed paths at a fashion show in KL that Kim was organising. It was a pleasant surprise for her, and we can safely say that for Keith, that encounter sparked a flame.

Kim Raymond & Keith Foo 2015 jul time kulture

Time Kulture party 2015

Soon after, Kim and Keith started dating. A year into their whirlwind romance, the pair got engaged, and one year later, they made it official and registered their marriage.

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Kim Raymond & Keith Foo 2015 tatler ball

Tatler Ball 2015

“It was not a romantic proposal, it was just us deciding that we wanted to spend eternity together,” Kim recalled.

Kim Raymond & Keith Foo 2015 nov 30 wedding

Wedding reception, November 2015

The lovebirds registered their marriage on December 21, 2014, and the following year on November 30, Kim made her bridal march into Keith’s arms, at an intimate garden wedding reception held at Marble 8.

Kim Raymond & Keith Foo 2016 jan keith birthday

Keith's surprise 30th birthday 2016

When it comes to throwing parties, Kim knows how to touch her husband’s heart. The then-newlywed organised a surprise 30th birthday party at Mezza9: Kim’s meticulous planning to gather a welcome entourage of their loved ones brought tears of joy to his eyes.

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Kim Raymond & Keith Foo 2016 feb dior homme 2

Dior Homme launch 2016

Wherever there’s Kim, there’s Keith too. Not one to shy away from the public eye, Keith rises to stylish occasions at his wife’s side. Instead of being her ‘wingman’, Keith possesses his own fashion flair, gaining the notice of keen trendspotters.

Kim Raymond & Keith Foo 2016 june

2016 June

Kim and Keith may be opposites in many ways, but when it comes to working together – specifically creatively – they exude a bond that showcases just how compatible they are.

Kim Raymond & Keith Foo 2016 july sydney

Sydney holiday July 2016

Like any Asian couple, selfies with important monuments are an integral part of travelling… that is, after scenic #OOTD photos.

Kim Raymond & Keith Foo blue mountains australia 2016 july

Getaway to Australia July 2016

When breathtaking ranges of Blue Mountain National Park, Australia, take your breath away, the couple did the most natural thing in the world, which is to embrace, lock eyes, and say a little prayer of thanks.

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Kim Raymond & Keith Foo KLFW2016 aug

KLFW 2016

While the people around them soak in the fashion showcases, the pair remain in their own love bubble in a rare display of front row PDA. Trends come and go, but their love is evergreen.


Kim Raymond & Keith Foo 2016 sep hugo boss x lewis hamilton

Hugo Boss x Lewis Hamilton party 2016

When you love somebody, you do almost everything together, like Kim and Keith. Now and then, though, certain VIPs come along to steal the spotlight, but wh’s complaining when it’s F1 driver Lewis Hamilton?

Kim Raymond & Keith Foo oct 2016

All red throwback, October 2016

Sometimes, the duo trades their usual streetwear and designer garb for cultural attire. No accessories? No problem – who needs it when you’re with your favourite arm candy?

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Kim Raymond & Keith Foo JLC 2016 oct

 Jaeger-LeCoultre x Malaysia Tatler event, October 2016

Any time is good for selfie time – As a regular face to Kim’s selfie collection, Keith can agree to that.

Kim Raymond & Keith Foo 2017 jan unicef LV

Louis Vuitton x UNICEF #MakeAPromise Day 2017

It’s clear to see how the couple’s style has matured and merged together along with the trend of the moment. Kim’s fondness with the crop-top-kimono athleisure look is met with Keith's minimalist and polished, masculine attire.

Kim Raymond & Keith Foo 2017 feb coach new store launch

Coach store launch 2017

Now that’s how you nail sweater weather, couple edition. The stylish couple suggest coordinating colours and to go all out with the knitted motifs.

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Kim Raymond & Keith Foo 2017 feb cos

COS Malaysia store launch 2017

Another lesson in couple dressing, brought to you by the understated, clean silhouettes of neutral-toned essentials.

Kim Raymond & Keith Foo 2017 feb polo ralph lauren pavilion k;l

Polo Ralph Lauren Pavilion KL event 2017

This is springwear, Kim and Keith edition. The versatile pair channeled power-couple-hygge with statement jackets, tailored trousers and form-flattering cuts and colours.

Kim Raymond & Keith Foo  june 2017

Birth of Skylar Raymond Foo, June 2017

Welcome to the world, baby Skylar! The proud parents marked the arrival of their baby girl with a series of family wefies, in true Raymond-Foo style.

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Kim Raymond & Keith Foo aug 2017

Car selfie, August 2017

That parenthood glow! Can we take a moment to marvel at their radiant skin in this sassy car selfie?

Kim Raymond & Keith Foo

Merrack & Co x Kim Raymond collaboration 2017

As though juggling parenthood is not a full time job, the couple is back at work as a team, modelling for a line of shoes Kim co-designed with Merrack & Co.

Kim Raymond & Keith Foo 2017 oct hublot event

Hublot launch event 2017

When baby Skylar is tucked into bed, Kim and Keith resume their social life back on the fashion frontline. In another installment of couple dressing, they put together a casually hip denim look with black tops and black, slim, pointy shoes.

Kim Raymond & Keith Foo 2017 christmas

Christmas 2017

It’s a juggling act to care for their baby and personal careers, but at the end of the day, passion binds them together. Not especially difficult when you've got such a adorable baby!

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Kim Raymond & Keith Foo dec 2017 bally klcc opening

Bally KLCC opening 2017

This is how they keep the romance alive, according to Kim: “We are both actually very simple-minded people who enjoy good food (especially spicy food), travelling, and we are very close to our families.”

Kim Raymond & Keith Foo 2017 NYE

New Year's Eve 2017

Kim and Keith are a modern day embodiment of Lilo & Stitch’s famous quote "Ohana means family, and family never gets left behind." As Skylar gets older, the couple find it easier to include her in their daily activities. “We practically do everything together but our favourite thing to do is spend time at the beach,” Kim shared.


Kim Raymond & Keith Foo feb 2018 kim's 33rd birthday

Kim's 33th birthday 2018

With Skylar in the picture, both hearts are visibly full. Their bundle of joy changed everything for them. “We became more understanding towards each other and our lifestyle has changed too, everything is about Skylar now,” reflected Kim.

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Kim Raymond & Keith Foo 2018 jan first family holiday

First family holiday 2018

As for the couple’s future goals? “We look forward to having more kids and travelling the world with them,” declared the proud mama.


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