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Close Up First-Time Father: Keith Foo

First-Time Father: Keith Foo

First-Time Father: Keith Foo
By Jessica Liew
By Jessica Liew
June 16, 2017

Beside himself in adoration, Keith Foo tells how the arrival of his firstborn, Skylar Raymond Foo, has changed his life overnight.

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Photo courtesy of @keithfoo Instagram

If you’ve been following Keith Foo’s Instagram profile, his usual photos revolving fitness, fashion and his wife Kim Raymond, has ben taken over by photos of him and his newborn daughter, Skylar Raymond Foo.

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We can almost hear Keith cooing and murmuring sweetly, as he gazes at her in complete adoration. Only a few weeks into his new role as a first-time father and the actor has pledged utter devotion to the new love of his life – with diaper duties to prove it.

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Kim and Keith, at Kim's baby shower in May (Photo by Malaysia Tatler)

Keith had always expected fatherhood to be in the works since marrying style maven Kim Raymond in 2015. But he was not prepared for how a little one could move him so deeply. 

Nestled peacefully in his arms, we’re certain that Skylar will be well protected by the proud father, who has declared, “there’s no bigger title in the world than father.” We stole some precious moments to find out about his new chapter in life. 

What was the first thing that popped in your mind when you found out Kim was pregnant?

“Overjoyed! We really wanted to have a baby.”

Was fatherhood something you had always planned and hoped for?

“Yes, it was always something I hoped for.”

What was your father's reaction when he learned that you were becoming one? How about Kim’s father?

“My father, of course, was very happy because this is his very first grandchild. My father-in-law was absolutely over the moon as he has been waiting to have a grand daughter for the longest time.”

What are the things you've learned from your father that you want to teach your child? And what are the things you want to do differently?

“From my dad, I learned never to give up, to have a high tolerance and patience. I think my dad has been an amazing role model to me and there isn't anything that I would want to do differently.”

What excites you most about fatherhood? And what worries you the most?

“What excites me most is the exciting journey that I'm going to have with my daughter, all the ups and downs. What worries me is how I'm going to keep all the guys away from her! (Laughs)”

How have you been preparing for your first child?

“Kim and I didn't actually prepare anything. We just took it one day at a time and went with the flow.”

Were you hoping for a particular gender?

“Honestly, we did really want a girl for our first child but of course we would have been happy with a boy, too. At the end of the day, it is God's will.” 

Years from now, your child may be reading this, what message do you have for her?  

“‘You have brought such a bright light into my life and I know that you will continue doing so for all the people whose lives you become a part of.’”

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