Gen.T: The Who, What And Why


February 27, 2017 | BY Malaysia Tatler

With lots to look forward to from our Generation T in the coming weeks - here is everything you need to know about them. 

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We spend our lives consumed by dreams that fuel our everyday conversations with people around us. We sit at restaurants, coffee shops and cafés talking about our lofty ambitions and unfound purpose. Most of those dreams remain only in conversation and thought – ideas with no will to fulfill them.

But for every one hundred dreamers is a doer, who isn’t satisfied with just dialogue, but determined towards action. They don’t stop, they don’t give up and they keep moving with purpose.

These people are our Generation T.

Last year, we introduced you to this group for the first time and this year, Malaysia Tatler will be unveiling the Generation T List 2017 to recognise the achievements of a group of promising individuals who will serve as the future of Malaysia.

Here are four things to know about Generation T:

What is Generation T?

Generation T is Malaysia Tatler’s younger community of inspired and passionate individuals, united by a common spirit to excel.

A collaborative effort across the region, Generation T extends to Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia.

Generation T is a platform for the community to connect and collaborate with each other, not only within Malaysia but also across Asia, through enriching experiences and content.

Who is Generation T? 

The Generation T community is made up of young entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, culinary maestros, as well as fashion and social influencers who are making an impact in their fields.

What is the List?

A celebration of 50 of the year’s news-makers and trendsetters within the community. Every year, new members of the community will be introduced and recognised for their achievements.

How do you make it onto the List?

A new list will be curated annually by Malaysia Tatler along with a panel -- dubbed the Tatler Tribe -- of respected and accomplished people across industries. The Tatler Tribe will identify and celebrate the most promising individuals from the Generation T community.

Malaysia Tatler’s Generation T List 2017 will be unveiled in May 2017.

Look forward to more from #GenerationT in the coming weeks.