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Close Up Henry Golding & Liv Lo Welcome Their First Baby

Henry Golding & Liv Lo Welcome Their First Baby

Henry Golding Liv Lo Baby
Photo: Instagram @henrygolding
By Lainey Loh
By Lainey Loh
April 06, 2021
2021 is certainly looking brighter for Henry Golding and Liv Lo

"On March 31, our lives changed forever," 35-year-old Liv Lo wrote in an Instagram post, officially revealing the arrival of her first child with 34-year-old Sarawak-born actor Henry Golding. Lo posted photos from her labour and delivery and gave us a sneak peek at the bub's face.

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The Crazy Rich Asians star joined his wife in the announcement, posting a black-and-white photo of their little family of three huddled around a bed. "This woman right here. Beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Your strength brought us our greatest joy. Thank you, I love you," he wrote in his caption.

The couple didn't disclose any further details about the baby's name, sex, or weight.

Golding had previously said that they're planning to keep details private. “We know the sex. We’re keeping it on the down-low. We’ve got a name sort of rattling around, which I think it’s only fair that she … my wife, she thinks that the baby should actually hear the name first,” he told Us Weekly, adding that they've held out on telling anyone.

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Last November, Golding and Lo announced that they were expecting their first child. "Such immense joy this little one has brought us already. Now we get to share it with you💕We love you!✨," she captioned her Instagram post while Golding simply wrote, "2021 is already looking brighter ❤️👼🏻" on his.

Lo will be taking a 40-day maternity leave (six weeks postpartum) from Instagram and will be back after she gets an all-clear from her ob-gyn.

"Until this clearance happens I am not keen to get back to work or share with the world how I am feeling. This may come as a shock or disappointment; however, in my self-reflection, it has become clear that I need to set these boundaries for myself and my family," she wrote in a blog post.

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Meanwhile, Golding is expected to settle into his new role and work towards being 'one of those cool dads', as he once told Us Weekly.


Close Up Henry Golding Liv Lo


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