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Close Up Love Letters Series: Dato' Sri Jeffrey Raymond To Datin Sri Joyce Raymond

Love Letters Series: Dato' Sri Jeffrey Raymond To Datin Sri Joyce Raymond

Dato’ Sri Jeffrey Raymond and Datin Sri Joyce Raymond at the Malaysia Tatler Ball
By Kathlyn D'Souza
July 27, 2018
What do you think of when the words 'love letter' are mentioned? A bit too old-fashioned and forgotten, you may think, but not to five different husbands who have written love letters for their beloved wives. A far cry from Dear John letters, this heartfelt five-part series cherish the lovely, lasting relationships of a handful of couples we’ve featured in the past. Our first couple is Dato' Sri Jeffrey Raymond and Datin Sri Joyce Raymond, who have been married for 44 years. This is his love letter to his wife.
Dato’ Sri Jeffrey Raymond and Datin Sri Joyce Raymond at the Malaysia Tatler Ball
Dato' Sri Jeffrey Raymond and Datin Sri Joyce Raymond. (Photo: Malaysia Tatler)

My dearest wife Joyce, 

We’ve been married for 44 years, and using ‘Dearest’ seems alien to me now, compared to when we were younger. 

The passage of time tested us, and with it all the challenges it brought us, some wonderful and memorable, and some that had put pressure on our marriage—which we overcame. Had it not been for you, the wonderful, patient and kind person that you are, I may not be getting ready, to celebrate our 44th wedding anniversary.

I still remember vividly all the wonderful times we shared, as husband and wife, the patience, love and care we had for each other, and never forgetting the three lovely children you bore me, with so much courage and love. 

When we married I immediately wanted a child, and less than two years later, our first child was born. The exhilarating feeling I had at that time never left my mind, and I remember it as though it was yesterday. 

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Dato’ Sri Jeffrey Raymond and Datin Sri Joyce Raymond on their wedding day
(Photo: Courtesy of Dato' Sri Jeffrey Raymond)

We brought him up with so much love and happiness, never once ever thinking about ourselves.

After eight years I was longing for more kids, especially a girl to make the perfect pair, and as always God blessed us with our second child. Those days we did not have the means, or the technology to know if we were going to have a girl or boy. 

On the day of the birth, I was in the labour room with you, watching your pain, and when the baby came out I was so happy, but a little disappointed, thinking it was another boy. Imagine my shock when the doctor congratulated us on our gorgeous baby girl. I caught a glimpse of the umbilical cord between the baby’s legs and mistook her for another boy. 

Then came our third child, another beautiful boy, which made up our lovely family of five. 

I always will love your approach to our marriage and me; we can boast that we never ever had a quarrel or exchanged harsh words at any time in front of our kids. Till today we still maintain that, though there are some times when we slip in some sarcasm, but nothing else, and the respect we have for each other is clear and strong.


Dato’ Sri Jeffrey Raymond and Datin Sri Joyce Raymond during their younger years together
(Photo: Courtesy of Dato' Sri Jeffrey Raymond)

Happily, we have been blessed with three grandchildren, (yet again) two boys and a girl, and we are very thankful to the Lord. Looking back, we had our ups and downs on numerous occasions, but I think what kept us together and allowed us to reach where we are today is our love for our children, our love and respect for each other, and keeping our solemn vows of going through life with each other, through better or for worse.

I cannot find the words to aptly define our marriage, but if I was to try, it’s the fact that I married the most wonderful lady that life could ever give to me. If I had to do it all over again, I would want it to be the same, even with all those trials and tribulations, as it had made us both better people—more loving and caring towards each other, and still being together, here, 44 years later.

I’d like take this opportunity to say how much I love you (it’s been a long time since I said that), respect you, and thank you for making my life what it is today, filled with lots of joy, lovely kids, as well as our grandchildren. Your sacrifices have not been in vain, and with the grace of God, I hope that we will be together for many, many more years into the future.

Your devoted husband,


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