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Close Up Malaysia Tatler Society - The 300 List: 'Entrepreneurial Aces'

Malaysia Tatler Society - The 300 List: 'Entrepreneurial Aces'

(L-R) Emilia Rosemawati Uzir, Dato' Shaheen Shah, Datin Lynda Ghazzali
By Calvin Chong
March 04, 2014

Newcomers to the 300 List in the 'Entreprenurial Aces' category are diligent, resourceful and creative individuals who took their start-ups and ventures to the next level.

Following our showcase of the newcomers in the ‘Inspiring Achievers’ category, we take a look at the ‘Entrepreneurial Aces’ category where seven new faces make an appearance in the 300 list for 2014.

These are entrepreneurial masterminds who have built empires out of their businesses to become key players in their respective industries in Malaysia.

Emilia Rosemawati Uzir
When it comes to baby-related events, Emilia Uzir, owner of LyaStores is the go-to person for an extravagant and memorable celebration for both parents and children. She has also released a recipe collection and an online cooking show.

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Lim Fang Heng
Known to be one of the most sartorial men in Malaysia with an impeccable taste in bespoke tailoring, Lim Fang Heng is the mastermind and CEO behind Wardrobe, one of Malaysian high society's favourite tailors.

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Datin Lynda Ghazzali
Datin Lynda Ghazzali is a lady of many talents; from having a creative and management background to her former position as CEO of Mabkon Securities, UK, she now heads two fashion companies – Hawa Ghazzali Holdings and HGH Creativity.

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Dato’ Shaheen Shah
Dato’ Shaheen Shah, the group CEO of Ri-Yaz Hotels and Resorts, is a hotelier with strong vision and meticulous taste in designing his hotels. He is known to have handpicked all the furniture for the Ri-Yaz Heritage Marina Resort & Spa in Terengganu.

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Sufineh Mahmood
Sufineh Mahmood is an outstanding lady with a track record of successfully managing an oil and gas company while also representing luxury brands like Grimoldi Milano and Vabene. She is also a nurturing mother of two.

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Rich Tan
Rich Tan is the true papa behind the famous Papparich chain of restaurants, the trailblazer of the kopitiam culture in Malaysia. With a driven ambition to succeed, the restaurateur is breaking international barriers to introduce the chain to Australia.

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Benjamin Yong
Benjamin Yong is a man of humble beginnings who started off his career as a teen selling carrot cakes, but this cake seller never gave up on his dreams. He is now one of the most successful restaurateurs in Malaysia as the founder of the BIG Group, which has expanded to different F&B sectors like groceries, restaurants, cafes and bars.

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