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February 3, 2017 | BY Hong Kong Tatler

These are the 50 men in Asia you need to know.

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What makes a man a catch, you might ask. Well, that depends on what you’re after.

In its quest to round up the region’s most eligible men, Hong Kong Tatler has included all types: royals, culture vultures, financiers, tastemakers, property magnates and even a few playboys.

Some of these hotties have been spotted with significant others but, hey, it ain’t over till there’s a ring on a finger—so there’s still a chance.

Form an orderly queue ladies… and perhaps a few gentlemen.

Tastemakers: Yung Ong

1. Yung Ong (2016).jpg

The Nottingham University law graduate followed his father into the furniture business and is now the executive director of Proof Living, which brings luxury furniture brands to Singapore. He likes tennis and basketball and is partial to a good sofa. Tall and lean with boyish good looks, life with Yung would be an aesthetically pleasing experience. He dresses himself as well as he dresses a room. But, you best be a dog lover: he and his golden retriever, Brave, are as thick as thieves. 

 Tastemakers: Michael Concepcion


He founded clothing label Greater Good at 21. Now 25, he is co-founder of Manila’s first luxury eyewear store, Ronnie & Joe, and streetwear store Commonwealth. His grandfather started the first air-conditioning firm in the Philippines, so you’d never be sweaty by his side. Can always be found browsing the aisles of his lifestyle retail empire.

Tastemakers: Barom Bhicharnchitr

3. Barom Bhicharnchitr 1.JPG

Heir to Thai department store empire Central Group, Barom heads up its luxury arm, Central Embassy. As founder of luxury concept store Siwilai (stocking brands like The Row, Thom Browne and Thakoon), he’d be the perfect retail therapist. He once dated Patcharavipa Bodiratnangkura, an heiress to Swissotel Nai Lert Park.

Tastemakers: Richard Shieh

4. Richard F hsieh.jpg

This chic streetstyler’s a fixture at fashion weeks around the world, thanks to his role as marketing director of contemporary Taiwanese menswear brand Necessity Sense. Wears black like a boss. Pious Buddhist. General babe in a brooding, artsy sort of way. Big social media addict. You best be too.

Tastemakers: Xuan Mu

5. XUAN for TATLER camB 0433_retouch.jpg

The Vietnamese-born Briton of Chinese descent launched nightclub Play and is a co-founder of Maximal Concepts, which owns Hong Kong restaurants Mott 32, Brickhouse, Fish & Meat, Limewood and many more. The 41-year-old is also founder of a boutique property brokerage. It'll be easy getting a table at some of the sexiest joints in town, but you must take clubbing seriously. He’s in Play almost every night (working, naturally).

Tastemakers: Harris Chan

6. Chan Harris.jpg

As creative director of Hong Kong fashion brand Moiselle, the label started by his parents in 1997, Harris has his finger on the fashion pulse. His collections are youthful and opulent, and his shows are awash with his fashion pals—Feiping Chang, Jonathan Cheung and Sabrina Ho. He can always be found in his Porsche or pumping iron in the gym, and sports a perfectly toned torso. Sometimes promotes said torso via social media.

The Bon Vivants: Thibault Pontallier

7. Thibault Pontalier.jpg

Gallic and gallant son of the late Paul Pontallier, who was managing director of Château Margaux, Thibault co-founded Pont des Arts with Arthur de Villepin. Divides his time between Hong Kong and Bordeaux. He talks, drinks and travels at a rate of knots, so you'll have to keep up if you want a hard-to-score invite to hang out at the first-growth châteaux in France. 

The Bon Vivants: Sebastian Beer

8. Sebastian beer2.JPG

Despite the surname, Hong Kong-based Austrian ex-UBS banker Sebastian is shaking up the non-alcoholic drinks biz with his all-natural energy drink Clarity. With all that energy he’s guaranteed to keep you up all night - just, whatever you do, don’t order a vodka Red Bull when you’re out with him.

 The Bon Vivants: Arthur De Villepin 

9. Arthur copy.jpg

The son of infamously chiselled former French prime minister Dominique de Villepin, Arthur is blessed with his father’s film-star looks and patrician glamour. With his lifestyle group Art de Vivre, he is bringing French savoir faire to Hong Kong. When not eating at his restaurant Tartine, quaffing Pont des Arts wine or collecting art, the French charmer likes wakeboarding and gastonomic tours of Asia. Better get in quick though—it looks like things are getting serious with French actress Ana Girardot. Quel dommage!

The Bon Vivants: Ivan Pun

10. Ivan Pun.jpg

The British-educated third son of Burmese property tycoon Serge Pun has put Yangon firmly on the map of cool. He splits his time between Hong Kong and Myanmar. His lifestyle firm Pun+Projects runs three restaurants in Yangon and turned a riverfront warehouse into an edgy, year-long pop-up culture hub called TS1. Ivan also knows how to throw a party—see #burmaimpossiblychic.

 The Technocrats: Aimone Ripa di Meana

11. Aimone.jpg

A co-founder of e-commerce giant Lazada, this Hong Kong-based Italian stallion has a passion for all things online. Speaks multi languages. Loves a marathon.

The Technocrats: Christopher Schrader

12. C Schrader.jpeg

Baby-faced Harvard graduate transforming higher education with The Hongkonger also started a 24-hour race to combat human trafficking. Bravo.

The Technocrats: Durrie Hassan

13. Durrie Hassan.jpeg

A trilingual Malaysian who likes to design apps in his spare time. By day he’s executive director of a family business in Hong Kong focused on the tech sector. He's also the curator for the Global Shaper Community in Hong Kong, part of the World Economic Forum.

The Technocrats: Martin Baumann

14. Martin_Baumann 2.jpg

This Bavarian beau is CFO of Nova Founders Capital, which invests in innovative tech companies. The Hongkonger also has a major obsession with David Hasselhoff.

Money Honeys: Sanveer Gill

15. Sanveer Gill (2015)-1.jpg

This 32-year-old bearded babe is a director of Gill Capital, the fashion, food and furniture company founded by his father, Jagdev Singh Gill. Fun fact: Gill Capital brought the H&M clothing franchise to Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Sanveer’s family also founded clothing empire Royal Sporting House, which they sold in 2007. Based in Singapore, but he’s a sucker for an island sojourn. Expect more man than you bargained for: Sanveer is often seen out around town with flatmate Shaun Horton, who has been his best friend since primary school and who also works in finance.

Money Honeys: Jeremie Gougenheim

16. Jeremy Gouggenheim.jpg

If you like a man who uses his noodle, you’ll love Jeremie, the co-founder of Hong Kong-based Vietnamese noodle chain Noodlemi. When he’s not slurping pho, he works in senior equity sales at Mariana Capital Markets Asia. Currently living in Hong Kong, although he previously worked in Tokyo and London. No relation to the American Guggenheim dynasty. Darn.

Money Honeys: Jonathon Bond

Jonathan Bond selfie ed.jpg

You could name your future son James and revel in the glory of having offspring forever mistaken for Ian Fleming’s celebrated protagonist. Oh, and the Hong Kong-based Bond was a VP at Merrill Lynch and now runs Bond Ventures, a company specialising in private equity investments. Ka-ching. You’d get to hang out with his intrepid sister Annabelle, who climbed to the summit of Mount Everest in 2004. He’s partial to a selfie and likes, nay, loves to party. His signature pout—a suave scowl that might be described as Blue Steel meets Angry Birds—is an acquired taste.

Money Honeys: Andrew Cohen

18. Andrew Cohen.jpeg

Because bald is the new bangin’. And because the CEO of JP Morgan Private Bank in Asia is an uber successful financial wizard with a laid-back, oh-so-friendly demeanour. He’s Australian but is based in Hong Kong. Andy is, as they say in the classics, a bit of a chick magnet. The affable businessman always has a beauty on his arm—so be prepared to fight your way to the top of the pack.

Charmsters: Sameer Ahmed

19. sam.jpg

When he’s not heading up Grand Horizon, his family’s bed linen and accessories business, suave Sam can be found on his motor yacht entertaining Hong Kong’s most glamorous peeps. His friends laud his generosity and high energy, but prospective spouses should tread carefully. Word has it model Amanda Strang has won his heart.

Charmsters: Wang Sicong

20. Wang Sicong.jpg

The son of China’s richest man, Wanda Group owner Wang Jianlin, Sicong famously blew US$30,000 (RM132,840) in one night at a club in Beijing last year. The 28-year-old, who loves online gaming and always has a new belle on his arm, recently opened an opulent seven-star hotel on the Bund in Shanghai.

Charmsters: Borgy Manotoc

21. Borgy_2.jpg

The eldest son of golfer Tommy Manotoc and Ilocos Norte governor Imee Marcos is a model-cum-entrepreneur. Since 2010, Borgy has been working in retail with Bunker, his streetwear and sneakers store. He recently collaborated with Japanese designer Takashi Uokawa on Cavelaborem, a line of hip menswear.

The Entertainers: Lang Lang

22. Lang Lang.jpg

He’s good with his hands (we mean, of course, the way this famous pianist caresses the keys). He’s also a philanthropist and in 2008 set up the Lang Lang International Music Foundation in New York. Born in Liaoning, China, but based in New York. You're sure to be given a few free personal recitals.

The Entertainers: Nathan Hartono

23. Nathan Hartono (2014 in blue)_bw.jpg

He wowed viewers on TV show Sing! China and now this talented musician is being mentored by Taiwanese star Jay Chou. He’s also easy on the eye. The Singaporean sensation has a killer smile, boy-band hair and knows how to wear a cardigan. He loves cooking, so you can count on stove-side serenades. His family also runs the Tung Lok restaurant group—so you can rest assured there is a plan B if he burns the chicken.

The Entertainers: Korn Narongdej

24. Korn Narongdej 1.JPG

Thai heart-throb Korn is the driving force behind the KPN Award, one of the nation’s top singing contests. He’s also vice-president of his family’s KPN Group Corporation, which has interests in property, energy, education and entertainment. You’d never run out of chairs— Korn is addicted to furniture shopping. A divorcé, Korn was previously married to hotel heiress Naphaporn Bodiratnangkura.

The Entertainers: Godfrey Gao

25. Godfrey Gao.jpg

Taiwanese-Canadian stud Godfrey was the first Asian man to model for Louis Vuitton. He’s a seasoned TV actor and has also featured in film. He makes a mean pandan cake. But you'll have to learn to love pet hair; he has a thing for rescuing kittens and owns a Pomeranian named Theodore.

The Entertainers: Prakarn Raiva

26. Prakarn Raiva 1.JPG

Self-diagnosed groupies will want a piece of Prakarn, the frontman of Getsunova, one of Thailand’s hottest pop-rock bands. He’s also the heir of bakery group S&P Syndicate. Mmmm, brioche. He lives in Bangkok, but he’s a major Japanophile. He also has holiday houses in London and Chiang Mai. Perks includes brioche, but on the downside, there's the possibility of packing on the pounds ... which one could burn off by boogieing at his concerts.

Culture Vultures: Nick Buckley Wood

27. Nick Buckley Wood.jpg

Always had a thing for John Lennon? Sadly that ship sailed in 1980, but the next best thing is Nick, his doppelganger. Based in Hong Kong, this tall, bespectacled beau is the director of Pearl Lam Galleries. Brush up on your art smarts if you want to win his heart.

 Culture Vultures: Alan Lau

28. Alan Lau.jpeg

Ticks all the boxes. Alan graduated from Oxford University, is a senior partner at McKinsey & Company, co-chairs Hong Kong arts organisation Para/Site and is one of the first local donors to the city’s coming M+ visual culture museum. He also sits on the Asia-Pacific Acquisitions Committee of the Tate Modern
in the UK. Yes, please.

The Olympians: Ning Zetao

29. Ning Zetao.JPG

The 23-year-old swimmer almost broke the internet when he competed in the Rio Olympics. He may not have come away with a medal, but his Adonis-like bod earned him hundreds of thousands of new admirers. He currently lives in Shanghai, although he zips off to his hometown of Zhengzhou whenever he can. Likes listening to music, playing basketball and watching American movies. His physique, best admired in Speedos, may cause weak knees and dropped jaws.

The Olympians: Alex Hua Tian

30. Alex Hua Tian-Gieves&Hawkes-2_0027.jpg

A top-hatted top bloke, this suave signor is China’s first equestrian Olympian and, by all accounts, the quintessential gentleman. He went to Eton, speaks four languages and is an ambassador for Gieves & Hawkes. He was born in London to a British mother and Chinese father. He now lives in Cheshire. Horsey business takes centre stage in Alex’s life, so be prepared to share him with four-legged dames.

The Olympians: Wang Xiaochuan

31. Wang Xiaochuan_bw.jpg

Particularly athletic when it comes to arithmetic. First wowed the world’s tech community by winning a gold medal at the International Olympiad in Informatics in 1999. Is now CEO of Sogou, a Chinese tech giant that develops search engines and web browsers. Loves badminton, reading and white shirts. Be warned: he's an internet whizz-kid. Those with controversial browsing hitatler_tatler_stories should watch out (or habitually delete their tracks); he could dig up your deepest, darkest secrets. 

Hot Property: Tommy Pao Watari

Tommy Watari editbw.jpg

Tommy is a damn fine all-rounder. An architect with a predilection for art, design and water polo, he’s the driving force behind apartment and lifestyle complex Little Tai Hang in Hong Kong.

Hot Property: Douglas Woo

33. Douglas Woo on the left.jpg

Notoriously private, famously handsome and extremely sporty, Douglas is the son of Hong Kong property tycoon Peter Woo and his wife Bessie. He succeeded his father as chairman of Wheelock and Co in 2014.

Hot Property: Kino Law

34. Kino Law copy.jpg

Grandson of late Bossini founder Law Ting-Pong and brother of Queenie Rosita—who was famously kidnapped in 2015—clean-cut Kino is making a name for himself as CEO of Hong Kong developer K&K Property.

Hot Property: Kishin RK Hiranandani

35. Kishin RK Hiranandani (2015)-1.jpg

Anyone who counts the Facebook co-founder as a best bud is worth a date. When not hangin’ with Eduardo Saverin, he’s running Royal Holdings with father Raj Kumar. Listed by Forbes as Singapore’s 8th richest man.

Activist: Craig Leeson

36. Craig Leeson.jpg

A man with a conscience, Craig is an award-winning TV correspondent and producer. His 2010 documentary A Plastic Ocean highlighted the plight of the seas, which are becoming inundated with plastic waste. Natural habitat Hong Kong, but he’s an Aussie. He’s currently dating jewellery designer Sophie-Birgitt Debuf...

Activist: Sean Lee-Davies

37. Sean LD.jpg

This genetically blessed Etonian uses his good looks and society pedigree for all sorts of worthy causes. In his quest to save the environment from the horrors of climate change, the filmmaker and producer created TV series Adventures to the Edge and founded non-profit Project C:Change. Usually found hanging out in Hong Kong—but he’s always diving, trekking and filming off the coast of some exotic isle. Mummy has extremely high standards, so be sure to get her onside.

Activist: Cesar Harada


The French-Japanese son of artist Tetsuo Harada is an inventor, environmentalist and entrepreneur. He’s director of MakerBay, a space in Hong Kong where people can learn to create things, used to teach design and environment at Goldsmiths, University of London, and has built a tech innovation hub in Nairobi. He’s also doing a PhD thesis on something terribly clever, “open hardware for the environment.” He’s a TED senior fellow who’s passionate about saving the oceans and teaching kids to love science. All round top bloke, basically.

Media Moguls: Chalermchai Mahagitsiri

39. Chalermchai Mahagitsiri 1.jpg

The 37-year-old owns 411 Entertainment, a top media promoter and producer in Thailand, and is CEO of TTA Group, which has interests in transport, energy and infrastructure. He has also dabbled in politics. He’s a near-scratch golfer, so pursue only if you can swing a club.

Media Moguls: Dan Hetrakul

40. Dan Hetrakul 2.jpg

Dapper Dan is the son of Thai tycoon Pracha Hetrakul and editor-in-chief of family-owned newspaper Daily News. He’s also a serious oenophile. When he’s not running the show in Bangkok with his Shiba Inu, Hiro, he’s kicking back at Château Meyre, his family’s vineyard in the Médoc region of France. Expect some stiff competition; Dan’s exes include Miss Thailand, Chutima Durongdej.

The Entrepreneurs: Reino Barack

41. Reino Barack.jpg

The Indonesian Muay Thai boxer has lots of punch to match that bod. He’s CEO of MNC New Media, co-creator of superhero TV series Bima Satria Garuda, and co-owner of hip bars and restaurants.

The Entrepreneurs: Leo Chen Ou

42. Chen Ou.jpg

Beijing-based Leo is co-founder and CEO of, an online marketplace for beauty products. This self-made beau, whose parents were teachers, has an MBA from Stanford under his belt.

Pashable Princes: Jonathan Cheung

43. Johnathan Cheung 87 copy.jpg

As managing partner of Buzz Concepts, Jonathan knows a good party when he sees it. Indeed, the party often revolves around him and his fabulously stylish crew. Rolling with “JC” (as he’s known to his pals) you’d be the plus-one of one of Hong Kong’s most invited. That said, you won’t meet him unless you’re already on that list.

Pashable Princes: Richard Muljadi

44. Richard Muljadiv2.jpg

The Indonesian hottie collects exotic birds, large reptiles and endangered felines. If his personal zoo doesn’t float your boat, other credentials will. He’s 6’2”, the managing director of oil and gas service firm Mulia Graha Abadi, and the grandson of the country’s richest woman, Kartini Muljadi.

Pashable Princes: Tengku Amir Shah


The 25-year-old University of Leeds graduate is also the Crown Prince of the Malaysian state of Selangor and heir to the Sultan of Selangor. His father once sailed around the world and also took home a silver from the Paris to Peking Rally, so Amir may well inherit his sense of adventure. His father also collects stamps, though...

Pashable Princes:Prince Abdul Mateen of Brunei


Fourth son of the Sultan of Brunei and younger brother of Azim. The good-looking, muscular, 25-year-old polo-playing heart-throb with 329k followers on Instagram is fourth in line, so it’ll be a while before you’re on that golden throne.

Pashable Princes: Prince Azim of Brunei 

47. Prince brunei.jpg

The 34-year-old is third in line to the throne of Brunei, and well known for lavish parties which over the years have attracted the likes of Michael Jackson, Joan Collins and Diana Ross. On the otherhand, he did leave Sandhurst after a week and once paid Lindsay Lohan US$100,000 to party with him.

Eton Exports: Max Johnson

48. max johnson.jpg

This Hong Kong-based Goldman Sachs mover and shaker is a scion of the same Middle England dynasty as half-brother Boris, he of Brexit fame. Like BoJo, he’s easily recognisable for his trademark thatch and Etonian drawl. Just don’t mention the B-word— he may have to put his blue belt in tae kwon do to use.

Eton Exports: Rollo Gwyn-Jones

49. Rollo Jones.jpeg

Looking for a floppy-haired Brit with a castle? This 28-year-old could just be your man. He’s an account director at ad agency JWT by day and an ultramarathon runner in his spare time. Those not keen on pale rosé, long hikes and helicopter rides need not apply. Did we mention he has a castle?

One to Watch: Maximilian Arculli

50. Max Arcrulli.JPG

Son of Hong Kong A-listers Ronald and Johanna, 24-year-old Max sports the gentility of a bygone era and the charm of a seasoned casanova. Works in start-ups. Very mysterious.

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