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Close UpRumour Mill: Petty People

Rumour Mill: Petty People

Rumour Mill: Petty People
By Malaysia Tatler
January 25, 2019
Our society is full of the rich and famous, the scandalous and the dramatics, the high- and low-profiled ... no matter who, what and how they are, they can show that not only can you be pretty, you can also be pretty petty!


A social climber is reportedly orchestrating ways to break up the friendship of two successful business co-founders by charming her way to one of the men. The reason? A ring on her finger to lock in a new partnership for her in the firm.


While all is dandy on social media, two sisters in high society are in competition for their family business’ favour. While the odds are higher on the eldest, the youngest is said to be biding her time to outshine her big sis.


A young woman married into a well to do family is reportedly so caught up with the excitement of attending parties and soirees that she is neglecting her newborn child, to her parents-in-laws’ displeasure. Word has it a potential leaving the house ban is being put into place. We heard the parents-in-law disapprove of how their daughter-in-law is getting more attention now that she’s a new mother.


When two influential friends fall out in high society, the catfight it sparked has escalated into a full-on war territory. Joining in the fray is one of the ladies’ husband, who added oil to the fire, by creating a fake social media account to spread malicious rumours about the other lady.


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