Rumour Mill: Relationship drama

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November 15, 2016 | BY Malaysia Tatler

If you think our high society’s family drama takes the popcorn, wait till you learn of the major developments in their relationships. From settlements to infidelity, the drama is riveting!

Rumour Mill, a monthly column on, brings you the juiciest tittle-tattle of our esteemed socialites. Truth or fiction, it’s as good as its entertainment value.


The price is right

A low-profile young businessman who reportedly had his heart set on a woman already in a relationship, offered a generous ‘settlement’ to his lady love’s estranged boyfriend to ‘claim’ her. This transaction is rumoured to be favourable to both ends, and it will be a matter of time before this couple will be seen out together. 

A new leaf

With rumours of infidelity in the air, it has always been an open secret in society that a longtime couple were having marital problems. But it is said that the two of them have come to terms with the past and started anew again – to relive their vows to love, cherish and value each other – after the husband had a health scare.

Three’s a crowd

An entrepreneur was shocked when he realised, after getting together with a dynamic young socialite, that he was expected also to ‘date’ his new girlfriend’s best friend. The latter is reportedly unabashed about tagging along on dates and couple holidays. We’re not sure now who her soulmate is.

Did you hear about this socialite in KL who is having daddy issues?

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