Rumour Mill: 'Tis the season of giving, and stealing

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December 29, 2016 | BY Malaysia Tatler

Our Rumour Mill radar picked up signals about a pained and vexed socialite who is fuming mad at the Grinch who stole her father away while a young businessman is feeling on top of the world after receiving the most expensive gift ever.

Rumour Mill, a monthly column on, brings you the juiciest tittle-tattle of our esteemed socialites. Truth or fiction, it’s as good as its entertainment value.

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How the Grinch stole…

A young socialite is apparently angry at the woman who stole her father away from her mother and has channelled everything in her power and influence to spread hate against this other woman. We can always hear the invisible claws being unsheathed every time these two ladies come face to face at an event.

 The best gift

A young businessman was shocked when his mentor presented him with a million dollar watch as an encouragement gift when the former’s business hit a remarkable milestone. With a mentor like this, who needs a trust fun, really? We sure hope the friendship will stand the test of time, through all the ups and downs.

Double the party

Word on the street is that gatherings and dinner plans involving a particular socialite and her husband’s latest squeeze – who share the same social circle – have to be done discreetly so they never have to be in each other’s company. One can only imagine the drama that would unfold if they were in the same room at the same time.


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