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Close Up Society Couples Share Their Secrets To A Happy & Lasting Marriage

Society Couples Share Their Secrets To A Happy & Lasting Marriage

Society Couples Share Their Secrets To A Happy & Lasting Marriage
By Jessica Liew
By Jessica Liew
February 14, 2019
From newlyweds to long-time parents, we gather the tips and formulas that have enriched some high profile romances.

Every couple has their own unique love language, and that’s where the fun begins. Like how it takes 2 to tango, relationships are a team effort of practice, communication and trust – essential keywords in these strong relationships. For Valentine’s Day, we reached out to 6 couples at different stages of marriage and from a myriad of backgrounds, to share how they keep the sparks flying.  

1/6 Toh Su Quinn & Teh Lip Jin

Photo: Courtesy of Toh Su Quinn
Photo: Courtesy of Toh Su Quinn

“We are like yin & yang,” Su Quinn begins. The couple are supportive of each other and despite their different stages in life, they fit together, and focus on the common goal: a happy and fulfilling family life.

“Lip Jin is the more accommodating one whereas I like to be in control of things. I guess that’s what make us balanced as a couple,” Su Quinn reveals, adding that their twins, who were born in 2017, take after them. To the couple, a successful relationship takes patience and respect. Sometimes, taking a step back allows a relationship to move forward.

The simplest things bring great joy to the couple, and that means starting and ending each day with their children. “Reading to them in bed, hearing them squeal in excitement at the safari or taking them for car rides bring peace and fulfillment,” cites the loving mother, whose idea of downtime, a hair wash or a massage – defers from her husband’s love for squash.

“A marriage requires constant effort and time: movies or nice dinners at least once or twice a week,” she shares of their rituals. They also believe in occasional quick getaways with friends, to catch-up without distraction from the kids.

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2/6 Elizabeth Lee-Yong & Benjamin Yong

Photo credit: Malaysia Tatler
Photo credit: Malaysia Tatler

The gregarious pair are long known for their larger-than-life relationship, who orchestrate romantic getaways to dazzling destinations or luxurious food tours. Here, Elizabeth shares why Ben is here forever ride-or-die:

“There is something special about finding someone who understands what it takes to feed your soul, who is there to ease your fears, your anxieties and craziness. Someone who knows all your ins and outs of your being and maneuvers them with love, respect and courage.

Do you ever put your arms out and just spin and spin? That’s what my love for Ben feels like. Everything inside of you tells you might trip, but you just keep going on this crazy, fun spinning ride, knowing he will catch you if you ever did fall.”

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3/6 Lee Yin Yen & Andy Kwan

Photo: Courtesy of Lee Yin Yen
Photo: Courtesy of Lee Yin Yen

This fitness- and family-loving couple married in 2017 and are anticipating a new life as parents this year. Yin Yen reflects on their relationship milestones so far, emphasising how they’ve grown together through compassion and understanding.

“We talk about everything because we believe communication is important. We get real, speak up and share about our difficulties and also our dreams for the future, without judgement,” Yin Yen says.

 “Instead of ‘completing’ each other, we prefer to complement the other because in a relationship, nobody is perfect,” Yin Yen expresses realistically. No matter how busy life gets, setting aside quality time together is essential.

“We believe that a relationship can only be as strong as the 2 people in it, and a healthy relationship is made of 2 healthy individuals,” Yin Yen adds. We focus on how we can be a better partner, doing what we enjoy, and that is to grow spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally as individuals.”

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4/6 Kelly Roza and Sazahan Yassin

Photo: Courtesy of Kelly Roza
Photo: Courtesy of Kelly Roza

We saw Kelly and Sazahan tie the knot, and now they are parents to 5-month-old Enzo Imaan. How has this important role shaped their love life, and what are the values they continue to stand by? Kelly gives us some valuable insights.

 “We’re a team. It’s not ‘me versus you”, it’s ‘us’” – that’s their rule of thumb. This really shifts our focus in our relationship and everything we do. It truly is about us as a unit,” Kelly says, adding how it has shaped their young family.

A relationship is not without sacrifices, which the couple accept as part and parcel of their journey. “We respect the differences of values in our relationship. By solving our strengths and weaknesses and making them work together, we grow and evolve. Teamwork makes the dream work!”

They emphasise on complementing and strengthening each other as individuals. “Marriage is the ultimate team, so there’s that synergy between us. We’re 2 people making each other more fulfilled persons in many ways. There are some qualities that he has that I don’t and vice versa so we’re always complementing each other to become a better version of ourselves,” adds Kelly.

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5/6 Dr Priyya Subramaniam & Satya Kumar

Photo credit: Malaysia Tatler
Photo credit: Malaysia Tatler

Newlyweds Satya and Dr Priyya met while working on a charity fundraiser. They hit it off instantly, diving into topics on life philosophies and opinions, among other things. 3 years later, they became an item and the rest is history. Dr Priyya makes a case for why disagreements contribute to a thriving relationship.

As with every couple in a relationship we have our tiffs: I guess these minor squabbles keep relationships alive because we end up being nicer to one another at the end of the day,” Dr Priyya sheds an alternative perspective. “More often than not, we laugh it off as some misunderstanding and get back into our happy zone again.”

Amidst the differences, they do find a common ground. “We argue, yes, but we gladly stand corrected on many issues and happily accept opposing views to form our individual opinions. We certainly belong with each other…together, we are a complete unit,” she muses fondly.

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6/6 Datin Azila Caramella & Datuk Marco Caramella

Photo credit: Malaysia Tatler
Photo credit: Malaysia Tatler

Datin Azila and Datuk Marco hail from different cultures and backgrounds, yet they are made for one another. The inseparable pair are parents of 3 children and we’ve always been keen to learn their marriage tips. Here, Datin Azila shares their secrets.

“How do we make our relationship work? We have a lot of respect for each other and we always have strong trust,” Datin Azila states. “Above all, it is important to acknowledge that communication covers 90% of everything.”

Without the other, the couple wouldn’t be complete. They make each other feel loved through these timeless gestures, which are: “building strong connections by listening, sharing and understanding. Also, supporting each other’s needs and never forgetting to say 'I love you' before going to bed.”

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