The Art Of Fusion: Bryan Loo


May 8, 2017 | BY Lily Ong

Bryan Loo, the dynamic entrepreneur behind Loob Holding and Tealive Asia, finds success in merging a chaotic environment with a love for order

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Bryan is wearing a Hublot MP-07 with 40 days power reserve

Chaos makes Bryan Loo feel alive. To date, the F&B entrepreneur behind restaurants like Hacha Mecha and Define:food has endured his fair share of drama in his journey, including a highly publicised, messy corporate divorce. 

The ordeal would have affected a lesser person, but not Bryan. He bounced back from the commotion with guns blazing and head held high, launching his own homegrown bubble tea brand in the process.

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This display of will and courage was the reason why he was chosen to embody the spirit of success  in our Generation T special feature in partnership with luxury Swiss watchmaker Hublot.

Here, Bryan shares how he fuses his affinity for chaos and a need for order to carve his own path.

What does chaos mean to you?
“I like things to be busy around me because I see it as a channel for my restless energy. It gives me an adrenaline rush.  I love the streets of cosmopolitan cities like New York and Tokyo, it makes me feel at home.” 

Does this mean that you are messy?
“No! I am a Virgo! As much as I like chaos, I like my things to be neat and organised.”

 That’s interesting. What compulsion do you have for neatness?
“I am very particular about my belongings, especially my clothes. For example, I need my shirt to be laundered, pressed, hung and folded in a certain way. It makes me feel calm after I have had a long day  at work.”

 How do you balance these two opposite elements together—chaos and order?
“There’s no such thing as things going your way all the time, so embracing chaos has made me more adaptable to change. But I can’t be a mess! I always try to keep my mind organised no matter how crazy things get around me so I can be focused and lead my team towards the right direction.”

Brought to you by Hublot

Photography: Allan Casal and Shaffiq Farhan
Hair: Joey Yap
Makeup: Jean Cheah and Fibiee Liew using  Decorté
Location: Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur
Outfit: Dior Homme

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