Video: 28 Anniversary Cover To Cover Icon, Datuk Kelvin Tan

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November 10, 2017 | BY Tien Chew

We take a trip down memory lane with Datuk Kelvin as he reflects on his past cover with Malaysia Tatler and the journey he's currently on.


Our November 2003 cover star Datuk Kelvin Tan takes a look at the 14 years that has a past since he graced our magazine's cover.

Time has been an ally to Datuk Kelvin, with his hollistic balanced approach to life being a beneficial boon to this oil palm magnate. 

Always dapper and ever the gentleman, he exclaims that appearing on the cover of our magazine came as a pleasant surprise to him all those years ago.

Where his featured story touched on more aspects of his business, Datuk Kelvin now takes the opportunity to shift the focus to him as an individual in the video.

"I love the person I was, but, of course, I prefer the person I'm slowly becoming," he says. Very forward thinking indeed, it's no wonder he's always a delight to speak to.

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