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Close Up Watch: The making of our Mother's Day issue

Watch: The making of our Mother's Day issue

Watch: The making of our Mother's Day issue
By Karmun Ng
May 01, 2016

The day of our Mother's Day photoshoot was hectic but fulfilling, when, between energetic toddlers and a tight schedule, we also heard from our feature stars about what they love most about being a mum.

Mothers are always ready -- to spare an extra hug and plant another kiss after reprimanding a kitchen mess or picking up the pieces of yet another broken vase -- and the 6 mothers we featured for our May 2016 cover story proved exactly that.

It was 8am and  despite the hour, the studio location for our photoshoot was already buzzing with life.

Rowena Baker and daughter Kelly Roza were the first to arrive (with breakfast cookies for everyone in tow) and set the lively pace that spilled over to the rest of the day. Next came Liyana Taff with her radiant pregnancy glow and Che Engku Puan Sri Rozeeta and her well-mannered teenaged twins, Tunku Intan Kurshiah and Tunku Muhammad Shah.

Hair and makeup was a laughter-filled affair as they chatted with glam squad Zamri Zainol and Elma Salwana Rohani of Lancome as well as Kay Tuan from Centro Hair salon.

Right after lunch, Rekha von Bueren arrived with her little ones and we witnessed just how much the stylish mother has to juggle between answering many a curious question and helping her children change into their outfits while ensuring every strand of hair stayed in place for the shoot. 

The day came to a befitting end with Lim Ai San and Connie Tan showing us a glimpse of their relationship  as mother- and daughter-in-law, sharing many a good laugh between themselves, and what each has learned from the other with us. 

It was a hectic but fulfilling day where between the energetic toddlers and an incredibly tight schedule, the love these ladies have for their children, their duties and above all, being a mother, shone brightly through. 

Watch the video above for the proceedings of the day and hear from the women themselves about what they love most about being a mum. 

In case you’re wondering how do they do it all while looking so good, you can now get their looks with the exact Lancôme products used on them below.

Rowena Baker

Rowena Baker.jpg(source)
Hypnôse Palette eyeshadow; Khôl Hypnôse Waterproof eye pencil; Absolue L’Extrait Elixir; L’Absolu Rouge Definition lipstick; Grandiôse Fan-Effect mascara;  Teint Miracle Loose Powder

 Liyana Taff

Liyana Taff.jpg(source)

 Blush Subtil powder blush; Hypnôse Star Mascara Waterproof; Absolue Foundation; Khôl Hypnôse Waterproof eye pencil; L'absolu Nu Replenishing and Enhancing Lipcolour; Hypnôse Palette eyeshadow; Absolue L’Extrait Elixir

Che Engku Puan Sri Rozeeta

Che Engku Puan Sri Rozeeta.jpg(source)

Absolue L’Extrait Elixir; Blanc Expert Cushion Compact; Le Crayon Sourcils eyebrow pencil;  Gloss in Love high-shine lipgloss; Grandiôse Fan-Effect mascara; Blush Subtil powder blush; Khôl Hypnôse Waterproof eye pencil

 Rekha von Bueren

Rekha von Bueren.jpg(source)

Hypnôse Palette eyeshadow; Absolue L’Extrait Elixir; Absolue Foundation;  L’Absolu Rouge Definition lipstick; Grandiôse Fan-Effect mascara; Khôl Hypnôse Waterproof eye pencil

 Connie Tan and Lim Ai San

Lim Ai San and Connie Tan.jpg(source)

Teint Miracle Loose Powder;  L’Absolu Rouge Definition lipstick; Blanc Expert Cushion Compact; Hypnôse Palette eyeshadow;  Khôl Hypnôse Waterproof eye pencil;  Grandiôse Fan-Effect mascara; Absolue L’Extrait Elixir

Click here to read an excerpt of the cover story, or here to purchase the digital copy of the magazine for the full feature.

Art direction and photography: Allan Casal
Video: SkyAd Productions
Makeup: Zamri Zainol and Elma Salwana Rohani using Lancôme
Hair: Kay Tuan from Centro Hair Salon
Watches and jewellery: Tiffany & Co. 


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