#WeAreMalaysiaTatler: Gabrielle Tan-Helfman of The Gardens Mall

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August 5, 2015 | BY Malaysia Tatler

Our winner of the Most Stylish Woman award 2013 shares with us the importance of reinventing ourselves and what Malaysia Tatler means to her.

As Director of Marketing for The Gardens Mall, Gabrielle Tan-Helfman is always ahead of the game by providing the best and latest for her consumers at Gardens.

That’s where similarity strikes between she and us: the idea of reinventing ourselves to get ahead of the crowd and excel.

So far, the jovial and energetic lady has done wonders in creating a new luxurious experience for The Gardens Mall.

As for Malaysia Tatler, you may have noticed our brand new look. Now, the website has a more polished layout. It is the epitome of beauty in simplicity. While our appearances have changed, we still share the same message – to bring you well-curated content of all things extraordinary.

Gabrielle says, “Tatler to me, I know they say it’s high society, but I don’t think it’s just about that. I also think it’s about arts and culture, dining and travelling.”

As we continue to push forward and reinvent ourselves, we hope you will also join in the journey.

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Photography: Zung The Photoz

Videography: Tyrone Wu 

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