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Close UpZaida Ibrahim of Impressed on moving towards a healthier nation

Zaida Ibrahim of Impressed on moving towards a healthier nation

Zaida Ibrahim
By Calvin Chong
April 13, 2015

In the rise of the health movement, Zaida Ibrahim tells us about her new juicery business, Impressed, and how she wants to push for a better and healthier nation.

To those who are familiar with our social pages, you would recognise Zaida Ibrahim, one of the few who always makes a lasting impression on the red carpet with her lithe figure and impeccable style.

Tall, toned and beautiful, we were not surprised when we first got wind of her new healthy juicery business, which will soon join the recent bloom of healthy eats in Kuala Lumpur.

Known to be a health and fitness lover, she is always seen promoting healthy living to her friends and acquaintances.

Zaida says, "Health and fitness have always been a big part of my life. I exercise at least three to four times a week and I've just completed my second 21km Viper Challenge. I am also a big fan of healthy eating."

(Photos courtesy of @zaidaibrahim)

Opening in May 2015, Zaida and her business partner Amelia Nahar will be launching their first venture, Impressed, a cold-pressed juice and juice cleanse outlet opening in Nu Sentral mall.

Zaida says, "For Impressed, we are aiming to spread the word about leading a healthy lifestyle as a whole. It's not about just selling juices. It is about pushing for a healthier nation."

That notion kick-started the hashtag '#healthiernation' on her social media platforms, where she and her friends shared everything health and fitness related as a teaser to what Impressed is all about.

For Zaida, she aims to build an entire lifestyle brand through Impressed and juice is her starting point.

She says, "Everyone should adopt a healthier lifestyle. For Impressed, we also plan to share tips and tricks to our customer on topics like dietary, work outs and more. We want to give an overall experience to them."

(Photos taken from Instagram @zaidaibrahim)

With only a few more weeks to the launch, Zaida is completely geared up and excited to bring new flavours and experience to the industry.

So far, she and her partner Amelia have devised ten different juice flavours , along with three almond milk choices and a selection of smoothie recipes. With the juices, they have also crafted juice cleanse programmes that will fit both ongoing health enthusiasts and first timers to the art of healthy living.

She says, "We chose juice because it was one of the easier ways for one to experience healthy living without completely changing their diet. It is a subtle change, which can slowly transition to a full healthy lifestyle."


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