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Fashion 3 Easy Ways To Style Your Headscarf

3 Easy Ways To Style Your Headscarf

Photo: Cakenis
Photo: Cakenis
By Aina Izzah
By Aina Izzah
November 22, 2019
Keep your style fresh and fun with these 3 looks

1/3 The Square Scarf

Photo: Cakenis
Photo: Cakenis

Harking back to the 1950s, the square scarf still looks chic and modern, as demonstrated by actress Hanis Zalikha

Step 1: Create a triangular shape by folding the scarf and pin them together under the chin.

Step 2: Bring the long end of the scarf over and around the neck. 

Step 3: Tie the two ends together by twisting them into a perfect knot and adjust the scarf to your preference.

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2/3 The Long Shawl

Photo: Cakenis
Photo: Cakenis

A girl's best friend, the long shawl always adds a dramatic flair to your wardrobe.

Step 1: Drape the shawl around your head with one end longer than the other.

Step 2: Pin the shawl behind your head. Double pin to keep the look neat and secure for the whole day.

Step 3: Flip the shorter end around your neck and under the longer end, before adding another pin.

Step 4: Bring the longer end around your shoulder and to the front, then adjust accordingly. 

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3/3 The Chiffon Scarf

Photo: Hida-Yeat
Photo: Hida-Yeat

A must-have for casual days with no "slipping off" incident. 

Step 1: Place the scarf around your head with one end longer than the other.

Step 2: Pin the scarf securely under your chin. 

Step 3: Bring the shorter end behind and pin neatly. Leave the longer end to drape on your shoulder for that à la mode effect.  

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