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Watches Jewellery 3 Sensational Complicated Watches In Blue

3 Sensational Complicated Watches In Blue

3 Sensational Complicated Watches In Blue
By Brian Cheong
By Brian Cheong
June 11, 2019
These exquisite timepieces pair their complex heartbeats with dials in attractive shades of blue

Blue opaline: Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime

Chiming watch with dials in opaline blue
Chiming watch with dials in opaline blue

It’s the most complicated Patek Philippe wristwatch in regular production with no less than 20 complications including five chiming modes namely the grande and petite sonnerie as well as an alarm function and a date repeater. The latter two complications are patented.

To accommodate all the complications, the watch is designed with a reversible case with two dials. The front dial displays the civil time, second time zone, power reserve and moon phase, while the second dial displays indications for the perpetual calendar including a four-digit window for the year.

The white gold case is decorated with hobnail pattern, as is the blue opaline dial on the front side. The second dial is also in the same shade of blue minus the decorative feature.

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Midnight blue: Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin

Ultra-slim perpetual calendar in midnight blue
Ultra-slim perpetual calendar in midnight blue

The choice of midnight blue seems like a particular good fit for Vacheron Constantin's ultra elegant Patrimony line, with its classic round case. The dial is given a sunburst satin finishing, which contrasts beautifully against the gold hands, markers and moon in champlevé enamel.

For a dress watch, the slim proportion delivers an understated appeal that belies the technical marvel of the ultra-thin 1120 QP automatic caliber that drives a perpetual calendar that requires no adjustment until the year 2100. Endowed with a micro-rotor with an openworked Maltese cross, the movement is only 4.05mm thick but possesses high watchmaking qualities that meet the Hallmark of Geneve standards of excellence. 

Blue enamel: Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition Répétition Minutes Perpétuelle

High-end blue enamel to match an innovative minute repeater
High-end blue enamel to match an innovative minute repeater

In order to optimise the sound transmission of this minute repeater, Jaeger-LeCoultre completely overhauled the gong system with the two gongs now occupying the entire periphery of the movement. They are visible on the outer edge of the dial. Their configurations too are such that they deliver a rich audio.

Reimagined gongs
The reimagined gongs

The lower pitched gong goes around in a straightforward helical path so that “it creates the harmonic overtones giving fullness and balance to bass notes”. A part of the higher pitched gong folds back on itself like the tines of a tuning fork to produce the pure, clear tone of the treble notes.

This remarkable innovation is said to recreate the richness and strength of chiming vintage pocket watches. Nevertheless, the design of the watch, which is also endowed with a perpetual calendar, is entirely contemporary with a new 43mm white gold case that is alternately hand-polished, satin-finished and sandblasted. The dial is a magnificent blue enamel and hand-guilloched at the maison’s Atelier des Métiers Rares.

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