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Fashion Prada x Adidas & More: 5 High Fashion & Streetwear Collabs To Look Out For

Prada x Adidas & More: 5 High Fashion & Streetwear Collabs To Look Out For

Photo: Dr Martens
Photo: Dr Martens
By Christine Andas
By Christine Andas
April 14, 2021
Check out these brands that merged luxury and streetwear fashion into one unique piece—the kind you'll definitely want in your wardrobe

It's always a good day when two great brands team up to release a piece. But it is a dream come true when all your favourite brands have simultaneously collaborated for a new release—creating a unique piece you never thought you'd ever have the pleasure of donning.

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Today, we're celebrating streetwear and luxury brands making our wishes come true with these momentous collabs:

Dr Martens x Supreme

Dr Martens x Supreme collaboration. | Photo: Dr Martens
Dr Martens x Supreme collaboration (Photo: Dr Martens)

Dr Martens has teamed up with Supreme again and we're not complaining. They've resurrected the 3-eye Smith shoe by customising it with a vintage Smooth leather shoe upper and an embroidered sacred heart detail—which symbolises the boundless love of God for mankind. The collection is dropping on September 2 across Dr Martens' UK and US websites. 

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KAWS x Supreme

Supreme KAWS Chalk Logo Hooded sweatshirt. | Photo: StockX
Supreme KAWS Chalk Logo Hooded sweatshirt (Photo: StockX)

KAWS and Supreme have finally released a long-awaited piece after recently announcing their collaboration. After teaming up in 2011 and releasing housed skate decks and hoodies, the brands are finally back to supply us with fresh pieces. One of the first pieces they revealed was the Chalk Logo Hooded Sweatshirt in black. 

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The North Face x Gucci

Billie Eilish wearing The North Face x Gucci puffer jacket and hat. | Photo: Gucci / Facebook
Billie Eilish wearing The North Face x Gucci puffer jacket and hat. (Photo: Gucci / Facebook)

Want to merge baggy pieces with luxury design? The North Face and Gucci have gifted streetwear enthusiasts with a vibrant collection of pieces—from hats, boots, tees, to coats. Apart from the plain pieces, most have floral prints and hues that exhibit both of the brands' signature colours and logos.

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Levi's x BAPE

Levi's® x BAPE® Graphic T-shirt (Photo: Levi's)
Levi's® x BAPE® Graphic T-shirt (Photo: Levi's)

This streetwear collaboration is one for the books. Streetwear brand BAPE has partnered with Levi's to release staple pieces you wouldn't want to miss out on. The collection includes camo jeans, jackets, tees, and a cap that merges both brands' logos.

Prada x Adidas

The A+P Luna Rossa 21. | Photo: Adidas
The A+P Luna Rossa 21 (Photo: Adidas)

Who would have thought Adidas would collaborate with luxury brand Prada? It has been a while since Prada released their version of the Adidas Superstar. Now, the A+P Luna Rossa 21, a sneaker made of recycled materials, is Adidas' take on the Prada America’s Cup sneaker.

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