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Fashion 5 travel accessories for men

5 travel accessories for men

5 travel accessories for men
By Teh Wi-Liam
January 08, 2016

Here are some of the essential travel accessories one should have to not all only look suave but also provide sufficient functionality.

When it comes to travelling, there are always a few key essentials to have with you at all times in case of an emergency. Some of those essentials would be your passport, your smartphone (because who can live without one these days) and the list goes on and on.

The travel essentials for the modern man are forever changing, just like fashion trends. However, we believe these are five travel accessories you should have with you to make for a safer, fashion-savvy and overall, more comfortable trip.

Riut Anti-theft bagWhat started out as a simple redesign of a traditional backpack has since made waves through a Kickstarter campaign from Sarah Giblin. The idea behind the Riut Anti-theft bag is simple: the backwards backpack hides the zippers and pockets from prying fingers by moving them to the back of the bag.

A simple, yet ingenious idea that has since garnered significant media interest as well as awarding Giblin the Golden A’Design Award 2015. This is one backpack you will want to have with you whenever you are travelling and are worried about pickpockets.

Montblanc e-TagHave you always hated having your keys, wallets or even luggage’s misplaced when you needed it most? Fret not as Montblanc has come up with a new piece of technology that will ensure misplacing your belongings will never happen again.

The Montblanc e-Tag is crafted from European full-grain cowhide and is a traceable key fob with Bluetooth connection to the Montblanc iPhone application to easily manage through your belongings. The E-tag comes with four different functions: Locate, Range, Motion and Reconnect, each of which has a unique function in ensuring your belongings will never leave your sight.

Tod’s Gommino MoccasinsSeeing as you will be spending half the time on your feet, you may as well invest in a good pair of shoes that you can book town with. Nothing speaks comfort and style than the Tod’s Gommino Moccasins in antiqued semi-glossy leather.

The iconic rubber outsole with embossed pebbles ensures your feet will not be in any discomfort after a whole day of walking. The soles on the inside safeguard your feet from developing any aches or sores as well.

Louis Vuitton Evidence sunglassesBe sure to safeguard your eyes with the Louis Vuitton Evidence sunglasses with 100% UV protection from the glares of the sun. Why risk having them scorched when you can protect them while looking trendy and dashing at the same time?

Reminiscent of the aviator style that has never completely gone out of style, the masculine and modern Evidence sunglasses is sculpted and hand-polished to perfection and finished off with acetate frames. The bridge and tips of the sunglasses are fitted with metallic inlays to provide superior comfort and wearability without being uncomfortable.

 Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master IIA must-have in every man's list of essential accessories, whether he be travelling or not -- a good and timeless watch to keep track of time, wherever you are. With the Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II, you can now tell time in two different time zones, allowing you to keep tabs on what time it is back home.

The functionality and rugged good looks on the GMT-Master II makes it a very versatile and robust watch to have on your wrist at all times. Perfect for globetrotters, it also comes with a 24-hour rotating bezel and 3186 self-winding movement calibre.

For more fashion ideas, here are some outfits you can take inspiration from.


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