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Beauty Video: A Look At The Holistic Daily Regime Of GoGet’s Francesca Chia

Video: A Look At The Holistic Daily Regime Of GoGet’s Francesca Chia

Video: A Look At The Holistic Daily Regime Of GoGet’s Francesca Chia
By Jessica Liew
By Jessica Liew
September 21, 2017

The lifestyle practices and beauty habits that the entrepreneur swears by for her success.


As women, we often turn to female role models who’ve achieved great things and inspired many, to keep us motivation throughout various stages in live. One such woman who comes to mind is Francesca Chia, the CEO and founder of GoGet Malaysia.

Ambitious, diligent and beautiful, she embodies all the qualities that matter to modern women. Since June 2014, Francesca has been running the app that provides open-market personal assistance to its users, from errands to deliveries. It has also opened opportunities to GoGetters on the network.

“My career goal is to be in an industry where we are pushing the boundaries and are creating work at the forefront of those boundaries,” related the visionary entrepreneur.

Building and managing GoGet is no easy feat, but Francesca remains on top of her game, driven to empower the community and connect the city through the app. Her secret? Adhering to personal, wholesome rituals.

“Practicing a holistic lifestyle definitely benefits my career. There have been times when I’ve been too focused on work and it really affected my productivity,” she shared, adding that she practices a daily mental routine and skincare regime as part of her downtime.


As a believer of natural beauty, Francesca has reaped the benefits of the Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX in her skincare habits. This anti-ageing cream treats the onslaught of ageing, imparting a healthier and more youthful complexion.

Fortified with the healing herbal benefits of the ginseng root, it effectively unlocks skin's natural glow, making this award-winning formula a key to the Asian woman's skincare arsenal. 

An entrepreneur’s long hours and stress puts her at risk of premature ageing but Francesca approaches it with confidence. “I do hope I will age well and welcome it, and not be against it. I think it’s beautiful to go through life stages and grow into your different stages,” is her beauty ethos.

Video: Skyad Productions
Hair & makeup: Shallee Ping
Location courtesy of: Danial Haikal


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