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Watches Jewellery Antique Breguet watches brought to KL for boutique opening

Antique Breguet watches brought to KL for boutique opening

Breguet historical antique pocket watches
By Malaysia Tatler
May 19, 2014

The exclusive selection of Breguet historical antique pocket watches dates back to 1804 and was commissioned and sold to royal patrons. 

Breguet, the grandmaster of the world of horological luxury and brilliant watch making, has opened its first standalone boutique on Malaysian shores. Located at the most prestigious address amidst the Golden Triangle Kuala Lumpur, this exclusive boutique boasts an impressive 100sqm space at the main lobby of JW Marriott Hotel. This marks the rapid expansion and ambition of the world class luxury brand and its intentions in catering to the rising demand for its creations among the elite society of Kuala Lumpur.

In conjunction with the grand opening and in paying homage to Breguet’s timeless heritage, Mr. Emmanuel Breguet, the seventh generation direct descendant of Abraham-Louis Breguet, brought down with him an exclusive selection of historical antique pocket watches from the Breguet Museum in Place Vendome, Paris. The exclusive vintage collection dates back to 1804 and was commissioned and sold to royal patrons. 

(Top, left-right): Large tact watch 960, Second class quarter repeating eatch 3643, Dumb quarter repeating watch 1320
(Bottom, left-right): First class dumb half-quarter repeating watch 3519, simple watch 2910, small tact watch 3893


Among this exclusive and vintage collection are the Small Subscription Watch 2008 featuring the gold case and gold dial with engine-turned sunbeam decoration, the Dumb Quarter Repeating Watch 1320 with a strong Turkish motif made apparent by the double case of enameled gold and Turkish numerals on its enamel dial, the Large Tact Watch 960 at 115.10gr making it the heaviest of the collection with gold pointer and studs as well as the Simple Watch 2910 which is a small gold medallion watch with a diameter of only 39mm.

Completing the master collection are the First Class Dumb Half-Quarter Repeating Watch 3519 with a subtle delicate touch featuring a hidden miniature portrait of a young woman on ivory in a gold engine- turned case, the Small Tact Watch 3893 in its classic gold engine-turned case, silver dial, gold pointers and studs and the Second Class Quarter Repeating Watch 3643 with the signature Breguet blued steel hands. The entire antique pocket watches flaunt a ruby cylinder escapement that signifies luxury in a class of its own.

Small Travel Clock 3816

The creme de la creme of this collection is perhaps the Small Travel Clock 3816 sold on 4 February 1826 to Lord Gower, 1st Duke of Sutherland. It is fully encased in bronze in an ancient stye column with engine-turned decoration on the front and displays a silver engine- turned dial. 


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