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Watches Jewellery Vintage Panerai watch from circa 1956 sold for €125,800

Vintage Panerai watch from circa 1956 sold for €125,800

Vintage Radiomir Panerai
By Karmun Ng
December 10, 2014

The vintage Radiomir Panerai commanded such a high value because it was created by Officine Panerai specially for the Egyptian Navy.

Vintage Radiomir Panerai, vers 1956, sold for €125,800

All eyes were on a particular Artcurial auction that took place in Paris early this week – the Panerai Only sale that unveiled approximately 100 lots, including rare Panerai pieces from the 1930’s leading right up to present day. 

The lots have been divided into 3 categories – pieces from circa 1930-1950, followed by a pre-Vendome collection of pieces (the period after the 1950's before Panerai was bought over by luxury conglomerate Vendome Group) and of course, newer Vendome pieces. Prices were estimated to reach as high as €80,000 (RM342,950).

Latest news revealed that the highest bid was for a Vintage Radiomir Panerai (pictured above) from circa 1956 that was sold for €125,800 (RM542,118).

This particular model commanded such a high value because it was created by Officine Panerai specially for the Egyptian Navy and bears the '8 GIORNI BREVETTATO' symbol engraved onto the right side of its face at 3 o'clock. The symbol is one that can only be found on this particular reference. 

Click through the gallery below for more of the watches that were sold that evening: 

It took the Artcurial team  a good number of years to gather the collection, from tracing antique models to getting everything together for the big sale. The auction has been hailed as a walk through Panerai’s 80 eventful years of being one of the most renowned watchmakers in history. 

A 15-piece private collection was the highlight of the sale, adding to the rarity of such a Panerai sale happening in one sitting. 

Visit Artcurials' official website here for the full list of watches that went on sale and the prices each commanded. 



(Photos: Artcurial) 


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