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Watches Jewellery Birthstone jewellery: Diamonds for April birthdays

Birthstone jewellery: Diamonds for April birthdays

Harry Winston Secret Cluster diamond bracelet
By Karmun Ng
April 06, 2016

The diamond's dazzling beauty is only one part why it is so coveted -- as one of the hardest materials in the world, it is also a tough cookie that is assured to last a lifetime. 

Diamonds sparkle and shine as the birthstone of those born in April.

Its dazzling beauty is only one part why it is so coveted -- as one of the hardest materials in the world, it is also a tough cookie that will not scratch and is assured to last a lifetime. 

Here are some diamond jewellery if you're looking to add some sparkle to an April baby's birthday.

 Harry Winston Secret Cluster bracelet

Harry Winston Secret CLuster diamond bracelet.png(source)

This masterpiece cleverly arranges a mix of round, pear and marquise shaped diamonds in a seemingly random design but the varying angles serve a purpose -- to capture as much light as possible to maximise sparkle. An exquisite emerald discreetly hides under the cluster of diamonds as a peekaboo surprise for the unsuspecting.

Cartier Diamants Legers de Cartier necklace

Cartier Diamants Legers de Cartier.png(source)

Cartier chose to set the diamonds in loose chains for this necklace, letting the diamonds seemingly "free-fall" from the clasp for ample movement to complement the brilliant shine. As a result, the diamonds catch the eye in the most unexpected moments with subtle winks everytime they catch light. 

Piaget Posession earrings

Piaget Posession earrings.png(source)

Piaget depicts romance with these earrings made of two inseparable circles. The first circle has a diamond heart which it protects with the word 'Possession' engraved, while the second, with its full circle set with diamonds, is symbolic of the perfect seal for this story of passionate romance.

Van Cleef & Arpels Between the Finger ring

VCA Between the Finger Ring.jpg(source)

Shiny and innovative, this ring features a nifty bit of engineering that lets you wear is as a regular ring or  "unfold" it to adorn a few fingers. In doing so, the flower seems to "bloom" from its white-gold vine, and spreads its brilliant sparkle across your hand. 

Bulgari Diva's Dream bracelet

Bulgari Diva's Dream Bracelet.png(source)

The dazzle of the diamonds in this bracelet is intensified by contrasting it against sleek black onyx. The geometry in design gives it a modern touch whilst the classic colours of black and white renders it timeless for a bracelet that is elegant as it is versatile. 

(Photos: Respective brands)

If you can't get enough of diamonds, here are some of the most dazzling diamond timepieces from Baselworld 2016. 


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