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Watches JewelleryChristian Dior’s childhood inspires new Rose des Vents jewellery line

Christian Dior’s childhood inspires new Rose des Vents jewellery line

Christian Dior’s childhood inspires new Rose des Vents jewellery line
By Karmun Ng
May 11, 2015

Every element of the new collection is a tribute to the childhood of Monsieur Dior and his love for roses, lucky pendants and travel.

We all know Christian Dior as the fashion designer extraordinaire who created beautiful articles of clothing, that in turn inspired many other creations of art. Before his name was a staple in the fashion world, however, there was a boy who laughed, frolicked and grew up relishing in the warm sunshine and soft breeze of a seaside villa in Granville called Les Rhumbs. 

As a tribute to the childhood of Monsieur Dior, the house has released a new jewellery line, the Rose des Vents collection.

The new collection is made up of necklaces and bracelets, each combining Dior’s love for roses, lucky pendants and travel as a child. They are crafted in a mix of yellow gold, mother-of-pearl, lapis lazuli and rose gold, and are each double-sided, allowing the wearer freedom to show them off front and back.

The double-sided wear is, in fact, a clever metaphor for discovery – emulating a child’s wonderment at turning things over when they chance upon an item that piqued their interest and curiosity. The stars in the heart of each medallion is a nod to Dior’s own superstitious nature; it is said that the designer only decided to open his couture house upon chancing on a mysterious star sign on the grounds of Paris.

Each medallion is also outlined with a twisted outline of gold rice grains, an ode to the ocean Monsieur Dior grew up next to. 

Every element of the necklace comes together as a tribute to the designer’s vision and beliefs, making them the perfect collectible for fans of Monsieur Dior and the magnanimous House and brand he has created.

The Rose des Vents collection will launch in France on May 13 and worldwide from June 10. Prices range from €1,350 to €8,000 (around RM5,396 to RM31,977).



(Photos: Dior)


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