De Beers looks to London for new high jewellery collection

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October 17, 2016 | BY Karmun Ng

De Beers' latest collection looks to the historical and heritage-rich city of London, a place where daydreams burst alive from the banks of the Thames and inspirations pour from the city’s many iconic structures.

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The most radiant light, the most beautiful flowers, the cleanest architectural lines and more have inspired De Beers’ most stunning high jewellery collections in the past.

Its latest looks to the historical and heritage-rich city of London, a place where daydreams burst alive from the banks of the Thames and inspirations pour from the city’s many iconic structures.

London by De Beers brings to life the energy and beauty of De Beers’ home since 2001 when it opened its flagship store at 34, Old Bond Street. It has expanded into 18 countries worldwide since but its founding city will always herald a feeling of sentimentality and warmth for the brand.

This year, it is proud to pay tribute to its winding rivers and glittering intersection of the surrounding city with a collection that represents a voyage through London, capturing the icons in exceptional diamond form. 

London View 

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The London Eye may be one of the most recent additions to the London skyline but the enchantment it brings to those who have gone on it is unrivalled. The modernistic shapes of the passenger capsules in which guests are fed with 360-degree panoramic views of the city are represented through marquise- and pear-cut diamond, set in a ‘toi et moi’ style as a tribute to the rhythmic, cyclical movement of the Eye itself. 

Elizabeth Tower

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The home of the Big Ben, the Elizabeth Tower, will of course get a set to itself. The graphic motif and clockwork precision of the world’s second largest four-face clock is translated into high jewellery by means of a necklace and ring of four diamond cuts. Round brilliant, princess, baguette and pear cut diamonds hang in medallion form on an ornate chain, which can be detached and worn as a brooch. 

Battersea Light

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The Battersea Light power station, first constructed throughout the 1930’s and 1950’s, continues to be a symbol of power and light today, a sentiment De Beers is honouring with a selection of angular cut diamonds, reflective of the station’s dramatic chimneys. The star necklace is a magnificent detachable 10.92 carat D-colour emerald cut, set in a micro-pavé bezel that allows it to be worn in multiple ways.

Albert Bridge 

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The Albert Bridge’s magically illuminated form that has enthralled Londoners since 1873 is conceptualised using oval, marquise, emerald and round diamonds. Each were artfully selected to resemble the majestic arial lines of the bridge and its reflection of the river below. The showstopper is the magnificent sculptural necklace crowned by an outstanding 10.83 carat E-colour oval cut diamond that is also detachable. 

Thames Path

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Tying together the above 4 landmarks is the natural wonder of the Thames Path. It winding movement along the Thames River is realised through a series of sinuous diamond lines, cleverly linking together marquise and round diamonds. The centerpiece necklace was specially designed by to maximise the brilliance of each diamond, so just like the river, it winks and shines with light from every angle. 

For more information on the new collection, log on to the official website here

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