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Beauty Dior Prestige White Collection: A beautiful synergy of science and nature

Dior Prestige White Collection: A beautiful synergy of science and nature

Dior Prestige White Collection: A beautiful synergy of science and nature
By Azilea Badri
March 30, 2017

In a scientific breakthrough, Dior Science has created the perfect pairing between nature’s delicate rose and science, resulting in the birth of its latest powerful skincare duo that will leave skin eternally luminescent and glowing.

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The search for clear and beautiful skin that appears to glow from within is one many women constantly pursue. Radiance, luminosity and flawless skin are eternally desired qualities and many go to great lengths to attain it.

Thankfully, Dior Science has found the answer to achieving luminous glowing skin using the very best of what nature has to offer and paired it with science to produce a scientific breakthrough. The result of this synergy is the Dior Prestige White Collection.

Inspired by a light-scattering process known as “transluminescence”, where a material is turned into a light diffusing agent resulting in a brilliant enlightening effect, Dior Science set to uncover the secrets behind this occurrence and apply it to the skin.

Transluminescence is present in young skin but as skin ages, barriers alter the transparency of youthful skin.

dior prestige white 2.jpg (original size)Rose de Granville, the first and only rose specifically developed for skincare, is the answer to skin regeneration. 

Dior Science did not have to look far to find the answer, for it lay in the very beauty that Mother Nature has to offer. Harnessing the power of a specially created rose that Dior Science took 15 years to perfect through exacting research and development, the Rose de Granville was born.

It is the first and only rose specifically developed for skincare. The secret to this rose is its exclusive combination of 8 molecules that provide the answer to its incredible regenerating force.

In combination with the Dior White Rose, which possesses infinite whiteness and deep light-diffusing action, the powerful duo provides extraordinary brightening and whitening abilities.

light in lotion.jpg (original size)Light-In-Lotion helps remove dead skin cells on the surface that trap light and preventing it from reflecting back out.

Decades of research in brightening skincare and optical has created the perfect solution to maintaining luminous skin, thanks to TranslumineScience™, a scientific breakthrough.

Skin retains its youthful luminosity due to Dior’s White Rose which reactivates light to scatter in every skin layer. At the surface of the skin, cellular renewal is stimulated while pigmentation decreases deep down in the skin, resulting in enlightened skin.

light in nectar.jpg (original size)Light-In-Nectar is the first Dior deep-down light-activating serum that lifts the skin’s barriers to light-circulation and renews skin transparency.

This achievement can only be found in the powerful duo exclusive to the Dior Prestige White Collection – Light-In-Lotion and Light-In-Nectar.

The former is a daily lotion with rose micro-peel which gently exfoliates in combination with white rose water that offers a delicate peeling action. Dead skin cells are removed day after day resulting in a brighter, smoother, luminous and refined skin.

Light-In-Nectar is Dior’s light-activating serum that works deep down to lift skin’s barrier to light circulation, revealing a more transparent visage, thanks to its TranslumineScience™ technology.

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