Dato’ Sri Rozita Ramelan: Finding Extraordinary Beauty In Everyday Life


October 2, 2018 | BY Tania Jayatilaka

The radiant power-mum and entrepreneur shares her secret to youthful-looking skin and why Estée Lauder’s Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond range is a luxuriously perfect match for her daily beauty regimen.

As Dato’ Sri Rozita Ramelan welcomes us into her immaculate Damansara Heights home on a Wednesday morning, she somehow manages to put everyone at ease while finishing her breakfast and reviewing some work documents on her dinner table.

She’s been up since before 6am, she explains cheerfully, attending to her beautiful new-born baby girl, Maiya.   

The youthful-looking mother of three is the founder of luxury retail platform Kabinet Privé which offers carefully curated selections of ultra-exclusive goods – from Hermès handbags and limited-edition timepieces to rare blue diamonds.

Together with her husband Datuk Omar Mustapha, Dato’ Sri Rozita came to be the exclusive dealer of Azimut Yachts in Malaysia, combining her love of the sea with a passion to deliver Italy’s top luxury superyachts to a discerning local clientele.

Gifted with an eye for the extraordinary, Dato’ Sri Rozita has made it her business and lifelong passion to know the ins and outs of luxury goods. As it happens, the high-end nature of her daily skincare regimen is yet another testament to this.

“I hardly have any downtime, especially for my beauty regimen, but one thing I’ve learnt is that the recipe for great-looking skin is maintaining your skincare routine, not makeup,” she shares.

And maintain it she does – a habit Dato’ Sri Rozita has kept since she was 14 years old. With the addition of Estée Lauder’s Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond products to her skincare arsenal, that routine has become significantly easier at this stage in her fast-paced life.

“We travel a lot, we’re under the sun, in extreme weather, we're in airplanes every so often, and one of the benefits Estée Lauder’s Re-Nutriv products gives my skin is hydration,” she says, adding that the luxury crèmes have kept skin sagging to a minimum.

“I also really like the scent of the crème and how cooling it is to my skin since I spend a lot of time outdoors.”

Then there’s the star ingredient that puts the Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond skincare range in a league of its own: the rare Black Diamond Truffle, harvested once a year from the Southwest region of France and fashioned into a potent extract that energises the skin from within.

Apply this skin-strengthening wonder ingredient to your under-eye areas and you’ll start to see a remarkable difference, a pick-me-up for nursing mums like Dato’ Sri Rozita after many a sleepless night.  

“The Transformative Energy Eye Crème has been so good to me,” she says with a smile. “I hardly sleep at night now because I wake up every few hours to feed my baby.

“Somehow the crème gave that immediate effect of reducing the puffiness of my eye bags – I could notice the difference when looking at photos of myself.”

Between family commitments, multiple businesses and the constant travelling, it’s a mystery how this globe-trotting entrepreneur finds time for herself at the end of each day, much less time for her skincare routine.  

“At one point of time, I would apply foundation and lots of makeup and it would take me 2 hours to get ready. Today, I don’t have two hours – I have maybe 15 minutes at most which I’d rather spend applying skincare, and maybe a little powder, lipstick, and that’s it! Good to go.”

A planner by nature, Dato’ Sri Rozita “compartmentalises” her life to prioritise what’s important – that includes taking care of herself every once in a while. She already knows next week’s schedule and to-do list by heart, and has learnt to prioritise downtime as much as life’s everyday hustle.

A daily burst of extraordinary luxury, laughing eyes (no puffiness!), and a caring heart for those around her – it’s a combination that suits Dato’ Sri Rozita in every regard and matches her definition of beauty even better:

“For a woman to be loved and to live well: that’s the key ingredient to being very beautiful. When you’re loved and you love the people around you: that’s the true meaning of beauty to me.”

Photographer: Kim Mun / Hopscotch Photography
Art Direction: Syahlia Sari
Make Up: Estée Lauder

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