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Fashion Fairy tale-inspired heels for the modern day princesses

Fairy tale-inspired heels for the modern day princesses

Manolo Blahnik Leather Scroll Satin Pumps (Saks Fifth Avenue)
By Calvin Chong
March 10, 2015

No matter if you are Cinderella, Belle, Ariel or Jasmine, there is always a perfect pair of designer shoes that fits the Disney princess in you.

Ever since we were young, we have, at least, encountered one Disney princess and fell in love with her. She (whichever she is) is a role model for many young girls  – whether it's the enchanting Jasmine, the intelligent Belle or the kind Cinderella.

In anticipation of the coming Cinderella live action film on 12th March 2015, Saks Fifth Avenue has announced a new collaboration with five shoe designers, following in the footsteps of Christian Louboutin for Maleficent, to reinterpret the famed glass shoe of Cinderella, launching in-store on 13th March 2015.

These five designers including Stuart Weitzman, Nicholas Kirkwood, Charlotte Olympia, Jimmy Choo and Rene Caovilla have each created a beautiful rendition of the shoes to make you feel like the modern day Cinderella.

(All five creations will be on display at Saks Fifth Avenue’s 10022-SHOE salons in New York City and Beverly Hills. Special order your own pair at

Shoes for every aspiring modern day princess

Aside from the exciting collaboration, we have also found modern day equivalents for five other Disney princesses including Belle, Mulan, Queen Elsa, Pocahontas and Ariel.

So sit back and relax as we bring you the best heels to fit the Disney princess in you (click on the links below to buy the shoes).

Louis Vuitton for Pocahontas (
Recently launched, the new Tribal Mask collection by Louis Vuitton is perfect for the adventurous princess in the woods. Inspired by tribal masks of the 1930s, the 'Magic Spell' wedge sandal is one enchanting sole that makes chasing deers and trailing the woods much cooler than it is. Plus, with these stylish kicks, John Smith will fall head over heels for you all over again.

Stuart Weitzman for Queen Elsa (
Ice princess turned queen, Elsa is one tasteful royalty who has a knack in making her own statement dresses out of pure ice magic. Always spotted walking with a sashay, this queen brings an abundance of attitude and this Stuart Weitzman heels with drips of sparkling diamantes elevates will definitely pump up the drama for Her Royal Majesty.

Giambattista Valli for Mulan (
As the Asian warrior princess of Disney, Mulan is one girl worth fighting for. Armed with good looks and outstanding martial arts prowess, this young lady is not to be messed with. Whether she's fighting villains or singing a soulful ballad, the fiery princess does it with style in these an equally hot floral lace pumps from Giambattista Valli.

Sergio Rossi for Ariel (
Blessed with beauty and class, Ariel is another noteworthy Disney princess. Born to the royal house of Atlantis, this little mermaid might not have use for heels but thanks to her father King Triton, Ariel is now blessed with gorgeous long legs to walk this part of our world. To embrace her heritage as one of both land and sea, this pair of fish scales-inspired heels from Sergio Rossi is a great option.

Manolo Blahnik for Belle (
One of the most iconic moments from Beauty and the Beast that we remember is when the beautiful Belle walked down the stairs in her glittering yellow ball gown. For a modern take on ballroom glamour, all you need is this pair of beige and gold leather scroll satin pumps by Manolo Blahniks to match your extravagant gowns.


(Photos courtesy of all respective brands and Saks Fifth Avenue)

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