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Fashion Fall 2015: A fashion luncheon at the Brasserie Gabrielle by Chanel

Fall 2015: A fashion luncheon at the Brasserie Gabrielle by Chanel

Chanel Fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection
By AFP Relaxnews
March 12, 2015

Have a glass of the finest champagne or cocktail as you witness the Chanel brasserie-inspired collection featuring aprons, lined napkin skirts and ceramic plate bags.

There will never be a dull moment when one goes for a Chanel show, as proven from the past with its Austrian resort-inspired collection or the haute couture fairy-tale conservatory in Grand Palais.

This season, the house of grandeur takes a new turn with traditional brasserie-inspired show where an actual bistro is placed in the heart of the Grand Palais, creting a place with a lively atmosphere for a collection with multiple propositions.

As expected of Chanel, it is all about the full experience as guests were able to order cocktails from the bistro, named "Brasserie Gabrielle" before the show starts and models who walk the runway also stop by for a glass.

The nods to the French bistros are found in an apron skirt which gives a new allure to the silhouette, where the fabrics are checkered. Immediately apparent are the highly worked materials and the quilted effects transformed by 3D. The iconic tweed is reinvented in thousands of different ways.

There are also other bistro elements leaking through the collection including the handbag that looks like piles of ceramic plates and a scarf-hemmed skirt made to look like lined napkins.

The sophisticated craftsmanship of the Chanel ateliers is demonstrated by several graphic embroideries which remind us of traditional floors in the brasseries.

Little hooded parkas, straight skirts or lightly flared cropped jackets, jeans, all the wardrobe essentials are there - totalling up to 97 looks. The knitwear is colored, and warm for the long tube dresses.

It is a rich show where the couture tradition is present but reworked, for a contemporary and urban fashion approach.


(Source: AFP Relaxnews; Photos: Chanel)

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