Freezing fat is the it-trend of the beauty world


February 8, 2017 | BY Malaysia Tatler

Good news: the quest for a beautiful body has become painless, fast and natural. 

In a practice called "body contouring," fat removed in liposuction is increasingly being put back elsewhere, replacing synthetic fillers.

"We used to just throw fat away and now we use fat in... many operations," said Nolan Karp, a plastic surgeon in New York and board member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

"You take it out of areas you don't want it, and put it into areas where you do want it," he said -- citing the buttocks, breasts, and even the face.

The technique is not new, but improved technology has caused an explosion in demand.

Patients do not run the risk of their body rejecting any foreign material, as the fat is their own.

"Most patients actually don't want to have fat in the abdomen, they don't want to have fat in their thighs, so when you suction that you improve the donor side and you also improve the recipient side," Saltz said.


Overall, the trend is away from surgery to non-invasive procedures which require no anaesthesia, offer quicker recovery and pose lower risk.

In high demand are laser treatments to tighten or "rejuvenate" the skin, and injecting Botox or other products to paralyse muscles "so your facial expression is better", Saltz said.

ISAPS data shows that plastic surgeons performed 9.6 million surgical procedures worldwide in 2015, compared with over 12 million non-surgical ones.

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