Travelling Through The Musical #BubbleofTime With Furla


April 17, 2017 | BY Dian Pasquinal Kaur

Furla releases a special collection that pays tribute to the different musical decades to celebrate its 90th anniversary this year.

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It’s 3pm and the doors to Palazzo Cusani swing open to allow a motley crew of viewers in. Influencers, editors, bloggers, photographers and the followers of fashion – armed with mobile phones and their best sartorial style – pour into the 16th century building to check off Furla’s autumn winter 2017 collection from their Milan Fashion Week list.

Enter the Bubble of Time. Circular, bubble-like structures that were erected around the courtyard, each spread with shoes and bags that bear the musical influences from the Art Deco style of the 1920s to the Crazy in Love noughties. And in between  – a smorgasbord of style extolling the virtues of  jazz, swing, rock 'n' roll, disco, punk and hip hop.

As Furla celebrates its 90th anniversary this year, a major milestone for a brand that is still owned by the founding family, it reaffirms its relevance in the fashion world while traversing through different decades from the Jazz Age to the dawn of the new millenium, all without missing a beat.

Here's the entire #MyPlayFurla collection with interchangeable flaps honouring music through the decades.

www.GIFCreator.me_bknaOQ.gif (original size) Milling around the display area is Furla’s creative director Fabio Fusi, a friendly figure who is clearly thrilled to see the fruits of his labour in all its glory.

“Music is an important part of my life, it’s what I would call my life companion. Music is recognised by everyone everywhere in the world, it’s an international and inspiring language. What better way to realise the playful journey of Furla’s 90 year history than with music?” He says of injecting music into the landmark collection.

In an email interview after the presentation, Fabio says he’s happy with the outcome of the entire collection as each piece has a unique story to tell. “When we go through the creations and changes from bubble to bubble, from one era to another, we see how diverse our culture and music have become, and it reminds us of the history that made us who we are today."

In the last few years, Furla has been on a rapid expansion exercise to refresh its image and the creative efforts are bearing fruits as this Italian brand is fast gaining prominence in the accessible aspirational luxury segment. 

FabioFusi.jpg (original size)Fabio Fusi, the creative director of Furla.

“These days, in fashion, people are looking for creativity and quality with a good value for money thrown in for good measure." And Furla takes great pride on being a contemporary Italian lifestyle brand that stands for quality, colorful creativity and joyfulness. 

“When it comes to design, I think it’s very important to maintain our identity and the Italian heritage, which is about dedication, research, experimentation, passion and craftsmanship. There’s no compromise in our quality."

factory2.jpg (original size)Some of the bags at Furla are handstitched to ensure durability, lending it the superior Made in Italy heritage.

factory1.jpg (original size)A staff cutting a carefully picked leather that will go into the making of a Furla arm candy.

factory3.jpg (original size)Celebrating 90 years of Furla’s top quality craftsmanship and contemporary design aesthetics.

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