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Beauty Hermès Beauty Is Here In Malaysia

Hermès Beauty Is Here In Malaysia

Photo: Hermès Beauty
Photo: Hermès Beauty
By Syameen Salehaldin
By Syameen Salehaldin
March 04, 2020
Long famous for its saddlery and Birkin bags, Hermès is finally taking its first step into make-up

Founded in 1837, Hermès is finally following in the footsteps of its peers by expanding into beauty. "The objective is to give form to beauty - an impalpable, fragile, elusive, unpredictable and diverse combination of qualities," said Pierre Hardy, the French house's creative director for shoes and jewellery, on Hermès Beauty. Kicking things off is a range of lipsticks that is as sensual and irresistible as its leather goods. 

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The Rouge Hermès Collection

The Rouge Hermès lipstick collection comes in 24 colours - 10 matte and 14 satin finishes, and ranging from beige to orange - that's inspired its historic roots in Fauborg Saint-Honoré, Paris.

The lipsticks has a comfortable wear even with the high concentration of pigmentation and bold colours. One of the shades even pays homage to the iconic Kelly bag in Clémence bullcalf.

The collection also comprises hand-lacquered wooden lip brush, a universal lip pencil, and a lip care balm infused with beeswax and candelilla wax to retain hydration. 

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Design & Packaging

Hermès harnesses its strong tradition in fine craftsmanship for the Instagrammable block-colour packaging. Each casing are lacquered, brushed or polished with black, white or permabrass metal. 

The good news is that the lipsticks are refillable at any Hermès stores.

Making the collection's debut an even more special celebration are the extras: a pop-up case with corner stitching, a mirror and a moon mirror on a cord.

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