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Fashion How to shop like a local anywhere in the world with ShopandBox

How to shop like a local anywhere in the world with ShopandBox

Rebecca Chia and Xin-Lung Tai
By Karmun Ng
March 03, 2016

Better believe it -- ShopandBox lets you buy anything you want from anywhere in the world and have it delivered to you within 1-3 days.

Rebecca Chia and Xin-Lung Tai, CMO and CEO of ShopandBox

Shopping is one of the most fun things to do and online shopping, even more so. If only there is a way to buy everything we need online (shipping availability, we're looking at you) and ensure our purchases arrive in tip top condition.

There is now with ShopandBox, the personal shopping platform founded by Xin-Lung Tai and Rebecca Chia. When they say personal shopping, they really do mean personal shopping.

ShopandBox lets you (the Shopper) buy anything you want from anywhere in the world with the help of a personal shopper (your Boxer). Want a newly launched makeup collection that isn’t available here yet? Get a Boxer in the US to buy it and ship it over for you. Want the new Adidas Yeezy’s that probably won’t ever make it here? Same thing.

If you’re super nice to your Boxer and strike a friendship, they’ve even been known to go out of their way to share with you local deals and sales that you’ll not be able to find anywhere on the internet. You’ll also save on shipping because they’ll see to it that you maximise on your shipping fees since, being avid shoppers themselves, they’re there to help you save as much as you can.

ShopandBox currently has over 80 Boxers in over 20 countries from North America and Europe to Asia and Australia, so there’s hardly anything they cannot get their hands on. All you need to do is sign up, engage with a Boxer in the country you’re interested in, and tell them what you want. They’ll buy said item for you, whether by having it shipped to them domestically first or walking into an actual brick and mortar store, and then deliver them to you within the incredibly short period of 1-3 days. 

We understand that with the Internet being the Internet, you may have some concerns. We do, too, which is why we spoke to the founding couple on a few of our top concerns. 

Is it safe?

All dealings with your Boxer will be done on the website itself as there is a stringent no exchanging of personal details policy.

“We have an order page with an old school message box, which allows you to chat back and forth and post pictures. This helps with the transparency,” tells Tai. “You’ll exchange just enough for the Boxer to get the item over to you and for the Shopper to feel confident that they are talking to someone real on the other side.”

In fact, this first-degree communication with your Boxer can actually work out in your favour.

“We can match the shopping profiles as well,” adds Chia. “It comes with recommendations: Let’s say you’re looking for baby products. We’ll match you with a young mum who would know the best places and deals to get what you want.” (swipe left for next page)

 How do we ensure authenticity?

With ShopandBox being an open-source environment, honesty and credibility go a long way.

“We are very open,” says Chia. “If you want receipts from the store, we provide that. If you want something from a specific store, the Boxers will get it from there. So you call the shots and it’s fully transparent. The authenticity and guarantee cards will also be sent along with your products to you. ”

Plus, you can always gauge the reliability of a Boxer from other Shopper’s reviews and ratings.

“It doesn’t make sense for a Boxer to do anything dodgy," reasons Tai, "because the Shoppers are going to receive their product and realise it. If so, they’re going to leave a bad feedback and that’s going to be the only time ever that the Boxer will shop.” (swipe left for next page)

What about banned products?

You can buy just about anything except products banned in your home country and ShopandBox keeps to the rule quite sternly for everybody's safety.

“We circulate a list of banned items, which cannot be shipped, provided by our logistics partner,” explains Tai. “They’re under the microscope as well in terms of what they facilitate. When the logistics partner picks up the items and they realise it’s not shippable before it jumps onto the plane, there’s a stop there." 

For a better understanding of how ShopandBox works, watch the video below: 

Sign up with ShopandBox and start seeing the whole world as your shopping playground here. Have fun!

(Cover photo: Kah Mun from Myth Studio; Photos: ShopandBox) 

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