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Watches Jewellery January Birthstone: Garnet And The Beautiful Jewellery It Adorns

January Birthstone: Garnet And The Beautiful Jewellery It Adorns

January Birthstone: Garnet And The Beautiful Jewellery It Adorns
By Syameen Salehaldin
By Syameen Salehaldin
January 08, 2021
Garnet carries the energy of passion, creativity, and joy

1/4 Van Cleef & Arpels Two Butterfly Pendant

This dazzling Van Cleef & Arpels piece combine colour and asymmetry to reinterpret the grace and beauty of butterflies in flight. The butterfly pendant is crafted with yellow gold, round tsavorite garnets, white gold, round and marquise-cut diamonds to evoke spring's awakening.

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2/4 Bulgari Cinemagia Necklace

This Bulgari Cinemagia necklace encapsulates an iridescent design of vivid gemstones inspired by the iconic roulette wheel. A vibrant mandarin garnet steals the spotlight with its excellent cut, flawless transparency and exceptional size. Celebrating colours, volumes and geometric flair, the extraordinary mandarin garnet is highlighted with an exquisite frame of turquoises, diamonds and amethysts.

The necklace piece can be worn backwards, tight on the neck or dangling sensually over the décolleté.

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3/4 Cartier Panthére De Cartier Bracelet

Cartier's emblematic panther appears as a charming bracelet in 18k yellow gold with they eyes set with tsavorite garnets.

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4/4 Dior Medium Rose Dior Bagatelle Ring

The Rose Dior Bagatelle collection pays tribute to Christian Dior who loved growing roses in his gardens as a precious talisman. Adorned with 18k white gold, diamonds, pink sapphires and tsavorite garnets, this floral beauty interprets femininity and sophistication.

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