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Beauty Lancôme Special: The artistry of roses by visual artist Limzy

Lancôme Special: The artistry of roses by visual artist Limzy

Lancôme Special: The artistry of roses by visual artist Limzy
By Karmun Ng
November 30, 2016

Drawing inspiration from the power of regeneration of her favourite flower -- roses --  Limzy brings to life the ultra-luxurious and sensuous textures of the Absolue L’Extrait Ultimate Rose Serum Mask.


Ask visual artist Lim Zhi Wei, otherwise also known as Limzy or @lovelimzy on Instagram, what beauty means to her and she’ll tell you it’s in the everyday things. It is in the very air we breathe and the life and vigour surrounding us – nature. 

“Nature is my biggest inspiration,” she says. “I love waking up in the morning and taking a walk in my garden. Whatever is in my garden is a source of inspiration.”

Her favourite medium to work with – and her most popular – are flowers, a choice that has garnered her 92.7k followers on Instagram. They ardently follow along as Limzy creates countless breathtaking illustrations that incorporate the colourful petals of various flowers. 

“Roses are my favourite,” she divulges. “It’s timeless.” 


She feels the queen of flowers deserves its name because it is the perfect symbol of femininity. “It represents the best strengths of a woman -- it protects itself like the strongest women do with its thorns, and then blooms into incomparable beauty when comes the time. The rose is the perfect combination of strength, beauty and class.” 

Aesthetics aside, the plant cells of roses also boast a miraculous regenerative property that brings even more beauty. 

Lancôme has found a way to harvest these cells through a high-pressure disassociation process and encapsulate it in a jar of goodness with its new Absolue L’Extrait Ultimate Rose Serum Mask that comes with a most indulgent ritual to exalt the spirit of roses and pamper the senses. 


It comes in two parts, one the Rose Pearls and the other, the Lancome Rose native cells serum. The Rose pearls are individually formulated to protect the rose oil’s precious active ingredient; combined with the native cells serum, a biotechnological active ingredient with extraordinary regenerating potential, it revives skin from within for soft, luminous and radiant skin. 

“It offers an instant cooling sensation upon application,” Limzy reveals after a trial period with it. “I didn't know what to expect initially, but the rose scent is relaxing and not at all overwhelming.”


The application technique itself is a ritual of indulgence. You dissolve a spatula of the pearls into the serum before using it on targeted areas like the face and neck.

“I was also quite intrigued by its really innovative method of application,” she tells. “The entire process is very therapeutic, very zen, almost like I’m involved in a luxurious tea ceremony.”

Results are almost instantaneous. 

“My skin feels instantly soft and hydrated,” Limzy admits. “I have very sensitive skin and have been travelling a lot without taking proper care of my skin. This mask replenishes the hydration and gives the nourishment my skin so badly needs."


Drawing inspiration from the power of regeneration of her favourite flower, Limzy has also thoughtfully created for us her artistic interpretation of the new Absolue L’Extrait Ultimate Rose Serum Mask with some makeup and, of course, roses.

Watch the video below to see her bring to life the ultra-luxurious textures and sensuous experience with the mask.

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Find out more about the mask and its properties at the official website here.

Lim Ai San is also a fan of Lancôme, particularly its Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate.


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