How Lim May Jian Brought Hamptons Luxe To Life On Her Wedding Day


August 7, 2017 | BY Jessica Liew

Led by a love for the ocean and a chance encounter with her dream wedding dress, this discerning bride shares how her big day fell into place.

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Nailing that once-in-a-lifetime wedding day, especially one that won’t leave a dry eye in the room, is no easy feat to undertake. But amaze and stir, Lim May Jian did, when she got married to Mr Kaveh Wong in a reception dinner held at the St. Regis Kuala Lumpur. 

 As the director of The Nail Parlour, May Jian’s knack for meticulousness was evident from the wedding’s early stages. Preparation began two years in advance, and they had already set their sights on St. Regis for its beautiful ballroom. “It is right where my dream one is!” raved May Jian, who took on a hands-on role in the planning. “We were quite heavily involved, thankfully, we share similar tastes and ideas.”

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 The couple tied the knot in three ways, beginning with a more private official ceremony, a traditional tea ceremony, and the final modern wedding reception – which they brought to life with celebrity-favourite Rizalman Glam Weddings. “It is important to both of us to celebrate traditions and pay respects to our elders, whilst also hosting a wedding that reflects both our personalities,” explained May Jian.

 Piqued from the very moment our wedding invitation arrived, we scored a moment with the bride, who spoke about her Hamptons-inspired wedding do, and of course, how her travels led to her gorgeous gown. 

Scroll through for photos and anecdotes of her big day. 

Untitled design.png (original size)May Jian and and her mum, Lydia Goh 

 How many dresses did you wear on your big day?
I wore two dresses; my wedding dress designed by Carolina Herrera and a blue dress designed by Michael Ong for my evening reception. I have always liked classic wedding dress styles so this naturally made the selection process easy, as I already had the material and general style in mind.

edited IMG_6923.jpg (original size)May Jian (in blue) with her wedding guests, from left to right: Jia-Li Woo, Ching Yi Lee, Mr Kaveh Wong, May Jian, Chryseis Tan and Lee Yin Yen

How did you come upon your wedding dress?
I was on a family holiday in New York and found the dress at a Bridal Fashion Week! A Carolina Herrera dress caught my eye and it was almost exactly what I had imagined my dress to be! It was a classic, full French corded lace gown featuring an off-shoulder fitted bodice, long sleeves and a flared skirt. I knew immediately this was the one, and together with the Caroline Herrera atelier in New York, we worked together to materialise my dream wedding dress. This was accompanied by a 10-feet French lace veil.

edited IMG_6937.jpg (original size)The radiant May Jian, wearing her Carolina Herrera wedding gown

What makeup look did you go for?                                                                            
Sheng Saw was my make up artist for all my wedding events. He’s been my regular makeup artist for a while now, and skilled with a great use of colours and a wide range of products for every skin type.

 IMG_7261 copy.jpg (original size)The bride's evening dress was a blue Michael Ong creation, made from over 100 meters of fabric and featuring Swarovski crystals and hand-cut curls across the skirt and train 

Did you follow a bridal fitness routine or nutrition plan?
Thankfully no as I had already been working out and training at Revelation Republic with head coach Jonathan Wong. We started our fitness journey several years ago and he has been incredibly effective in helping me achieving weight loss (5kg!) with the correct workouts and a personal nutrition guide, whilst also allowing me to indulge in the occasional bag of Ruffles, Krispy Kreme or Speculoos cookie butter sandwich!

edited IMG_6952.jpg (original size)The couple's wedding theme centred around their love for the ocean

Rizalman played a big role in organising your wedding reception. What was your wedding theme?
‘Hamptons Luxe’ – both Kaveh and I love the ocean and this theme reflects that. We chose Rizalman’s Glam Weddings team for the amazing weddings they’ve done, transforming ordinary ballrooms to real beauties! We personally worked together with Rizalman & Faizul (director of Glam Weddings) to achieve a true Hamptons theme. It was also important to us that none of the decorative aspects had already been replicated in previous weddings.

Rizalman and Faizul were fantastic in achieving this to maximum effect, from having chairs and centrepieces specially ordered in, to candles from Denmark.

edited IMG_6962.jpg (original size)Sisters, best friends and business partners: May Shen and May Jian

What guidelines did you set for your wedding planning?
Our main request to all of our vendors was for our guests to have an amazing night, and for our guests to be ‘transported’ to the Hamptons! It is very important that guests had a great time.

edited IMG_6982.jpg (original size)It was important to May Jian that the decorative aspects used by Rizalman and his team were first-of-its-kind

With your wedding planning experience so far, what’s your advice to other brides-to-be?
Before scheduling your appointments with vendors, personally know and decide what vision of your wedding you have in mind. It makes a huge difference in achieving the best possible outcome! 

 Photos courtesy of May Jian and David Soong from Axioo.

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