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Fashion 5 Cool Malaysian Brands Curating Comfortable And Affordable Everyday Style

5 Cool Malaysian Brands Curating Comfortable And Affordable Everyday Style

Photo: Courtesy of Wanderlust + Co
Photo: Courtesy of Wanderlust + Co
By Syameen Salehaldin
By Syameen Salehaldin
August 19, 2019
A list of independent Malaysian brands that curates pieces fit for an everyday style.

When people think of home grown, they think very minimal of it. Independent brands in Malaysia have been popping up one at a time and they’ve all become successful in curating, quality pieces that are versatile, stylish and comfortable. These staple pieces are fitted for an everyday style. These local brands have changed people’s inclination towards fast fashion for the better.

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Wanderlust + Co

Founded by Jenn Low, Wanderlust + Co, goes beyond stellar with their decadent, beautifully designed jewellery pieces. Dainty, glamorous pieces or staple, minimalistic necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, you can never go wrong with the jewellery brand. All their pieces are a perfect fit for an everyday style or for any other occasions. 

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Oh Sebenar

A collection of contemporary, earthy tones and trans-seasonal clothing, the fashion brand, Oh Sebenar takes the minimal route. The brand established a line with comfortable, easily-worn and layered pieces perfect for any occasion.

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Inspired by women with different success stories, passions and lifestyle, Whimsigirl put their intentions in creating versatile pieces fit for any woman. The founder, Syazana Sukiman and her team at Whimsigirl hopes these minimal, neutral-coloured clothing helps to produce empowerment, confidence and independence in women with the everyday style masterpieces. 

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The fashionable duo, Aina Syahirah and Julie Anne Kang curated Kulet with intentions of creating versatile shoes for women. Inspired by the word skin in Malay, the founders chose to design all their shoes in neutral and pastel colors, most resembling skin colors. Artistically made, these minimalistic shoes are a big hit among locals.

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A curated collection paying homage to sustainability, the mindful clothing line, Sayang, gives back with their thoughtful, contemporary pieces. Wrapped in reusable mesh bag packaging, they take minimal to a whole new level. Leave it to them to be environmentally conscious and yet produce ethically, beautiful clothing.

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