11 Last-Minute Ideas For Men's and Boys' Raya Fashion


June 12, 2018 | BY Tania Jayatilaka

Menfolk, you needn’t leave the fun of Raya shopping all to the women – here are 11 unique brands with fun Raya collections for men and boys to find their head-to-toe festive garb ahead of upcoming Eid-al Fitr celebrations.

Photo: Courtesy of Bon Zainal

Bon Zainal

Known for his classic and traditionalist sartorial style, menswear designer Bon Zainal incorporates clean lines and attractive colours into the baju Melayu selections in his Tradisi collection – a must try for those who like the classic baju Melayu just the way it is. Look out for the collection here.  

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11 Last-Minute Ideas For Men's and Boys' Raya Fashion
Photo: Courtesy of Atelier Fitton

Atelier Fitton

Atelier Fitton’s Raya Collection 2018 marks English-born Malaysia-based menswear designer Joshua Fitton’s first attempt at traditional-wear for men and women.

If you’re not a fan of loud, bright colours, you might be right at home with the earthy greys, charcoal blacks and deep reds in this stunning collection. 

Photo: Courtesy of Zalora

Rizalman For Zalora 2018

Bollywood meets Hari Raya with Rizalman’s 2018 RizalMen collection. The baju Melayu, sampin, blouses, jubahs and sandals in this collection were inspired by ancient Rajasthani art in India’s Jaipur.   

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11 Last-Minute Ideas For Men's and Boys' Raya Fashion
Photo: Courtesy of Jovian Mandagie

Jovian Men

Comfortable, sophisticated and classy – all traits of renowned designer Jovian Mandagie’s handiwork. His latest Raya 2018 collection features rich, exciting shades coupled with exquisite patterns on detailed sampin. Find out more about the collection here.  


Photo: Courtesy of Gene Martino

Gene Martino

The cheery prints and colours in Gene Martino’s Raya Sedondon 2018 line are easily replicated across different outfits and sizes in this family-friendly ‘sedondon’ collection. Browse through these colourful options here.  

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11 Last-Minute Ideas For Men's and Boys' Raya Fashion
Photo: Courtesy of Kecheek

Kecheek Collection

Finding the right Raya outfits for the little gents is now a whole lot easier with Kecheek (from the word ‘Kecik’), a label devoted excusively to tots and little boys. The oh-so-adorabe baju Melayu combos in the Kecheek Rhu 2018 collection burst with lively colours and durable, comfy materials that kids will love. Click here for more information.   

Photo: @zalia_official on Instagram

Zalia Homme

What started out as a glamorous take on modest women’s fashion has rapidly expanded into menswear lines as well: the Zalia Homme collection adds hints of decadence and glamour to the traditional baju Melayu with lace details, floral jacquard patterns below the neckline and lots more. Shop for your ideal Raya look here.

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11 Last-Minute Ideas For Men's and Boys' Raya Fashion
Photo: Courtesy of Velria

Velria Men

Find your fill of light and easy-going Kurta tops for a more casual look that’s effortlessly sleek. Options come in cool greys to creams as well as yellow, charcoal, dark blue, and other neutral shades. Click here to see the full collection.  


Photo: @kulet on Instagram


Kulet’s Arman Sandal was the brand’s first design for men. Designed and made in Malaysia, these synthetic leather sandals feature wide straps and are available in either Sage or brown colours. More details on these sandals can be found here.  

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11 Last-Minute Ideas For Men's and Boys' Raya Fashion
Photo: Courtesy of Pestle & Mortar

Pestle & Mortar

For quirky Raya-themed clothing that’s not at all traditional, there’s always Pestle & Mortar’s Raya Capsule collection. From light-hearted tributes to the famous Yusuf Taiyoob radio ads to T-shirts with ‘sampin’ pockets, wear these all year-round or whip them out closer to Raya (they're bound to put a smile on several faces).    


Photo: @kedaibikin on Instagram

Kedai Bikin

Versatile and steeped in Malaysia’s Nusantara culture is Kedai Bikin’s Aneka-Reka Raya capsule collection. This unique collection features batik clothing and household items designed and handmade by 3 local batik artisans. One stand-out product in the collection is this vibrant 2-metre-long Batik Tektura print which works well as a sampin – and it comes in several different colours. More information on pricing and colours is available here

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