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Fashion Salvatore Ferragamo Special: Raja Jesrina Arshad and Sarah Lian on friendship as a timeless accessory

Salvatore Ferragamo Special: Raja Jesrina Arshad and Sarah Lian on friendship as a timeless accessory

Salvatore Ferragamo Special: Raja Jesrina Arshad and Sarah Lian on friendship as a timeless accessory
By Jessica Liew
By Jessica Liew
March 06, 2017

Successful and stylish in their own right, the two women show how friendship and fashion go arm-in-arm, much like the enduring appeal of the iconic soft Sofia saddle bag.

tatler01#023.jpg (original size)
On Sarah Lian: Davore laser cut knee length dress and a medium Sofia in tobacco. On Raja Jesrina Arshad: a colour slash strapless knot detail dress paired with mini Sofia in anthracite black

 Strikingly good-looking, impeccably stylish, and gregariously eloquent, Raja Jesrina Arshad and Sarah Lian are the type of women who draw much admiration and aspiration. They’ve both got the world at their feet – Jesrina as founder and entrepreneur extraordinaire of health and wellness company PurelyB, and Sarah, whose star has risen from local to international acclaim, fresh off her Best Supporting Actress win at the recent 2017 LA Film Awards.

Although both appear to be opposites, its a mutual admiration for each other and their unique styles that is the source of their firm friendship, which began 10 years ago at a mutual friend’s wedding in Cyprus. Whenever the two get together, they’re a reminder of why long-term friendships will always be en vogue.

Opposite styles attract

tatler03#029.jpg (original size)
Jesrina's favourite look: Bougainville light rib structured dress paired with a medium Sofia in nude


tatler02#086.jpg (original size)

 On Sarah,"a really cool and unexpected combination": red long sleeve heavy jersey jacket under a strapless rib mini dress paired with a black clutch

“Jesrina always looks impeccable," Sarah begins by describing her best friend. “You can’t find a single hair out of place.” Svelte and sunkissed, Jesrina is a quintessence of the modern lady, more so when she’s clad in one of her trademark power dresses.

“Sarah is very sassy, a bit more edgy. She can wear something I’d never considered wearing, and pull it off. She’s confident and sassy,” Jesrina describes, in return. She is that friend who pushes Jesrina out of her comfort zone through her experiments with daring new looks.

Bagging rights

tatler01#023 (1).jpg (original size)
The soft Sofia saddle, a Salvatore Ferragamo icon of meticulous, Florentine leatherwork

When both women aren’t arm in arm in companionship, an elegant handbag comes in place, carrying their daily essentials and valuables. To complement her entrepreneurial demeanour, Jesrina gravitates to sophisticated and classic handbags. When she first laid eyes on the Salvatore Ferragamo soft Sofia saddle, it was everything she needed and loved in a handbag.

“It’s definitely my style, especially the tan colours. It suits a lot of my wardrobe pieces but above all, I like the classic and timeless appeal to it. Clean lines and discreet, it’s every-day perfection,” she remarks, adding that the bag’s practical minimalism makes it easy to accessorise for special functions.

Sarah, whose handbag must fit a laptop, above all requirements, echoes in approval: “The Sofia is an austerity, something you can pass down to your children. The leather will only age beautifully and its versatility is the most important aspect.”

Dressing to the occasion

tatler02#010.jpg (original size)

  A juxtapose of femininity with athleticism: Jesrina is dressed in a Bougainville three-quarter sleeve floral dress with puffed short sleeves. Sarah wears a two-piece long sleeve jersey jacket and high rise heavy jersey skirt, with a medium Sofia in anthracite black

In a demonstration of the Sofia’s diverse styling possibilities, Jesrina and Sarah took to dressing up in key looks of the Salvatore Ferragamo spring/summer 2017 collection. Jesrina’s dresses play upon her contemporary classic style, imbued with a romantic and continental touch. Sarah’s edgy and confident persona brings out the collection's luxe and understated pieces to full 'female empowerment' effect.

Like the support of your best friend, every occasion calls for a faithful companion – be it a timeless handbag or a statement attire – that dresses you for the part. For the two women, the Ferragamo spring/summer 2017 collection is the dress code of prevailing success. As Jesrina encapsulates: “It’s a celebration of the joyful, vibrant and fun possibilities of being a modern woman.”



Words: Jessica Liew

Photography: Kimmun from Hopscotch Photography

Videography: SkyAd Productions 

Styling and art direction: Sarah Saw

Makeup: Khir Khalid

Hair: Chiaki Sabata



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