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Beauty Society Secrets: Scha Alyahya on regaining her pre-baby figure

Society Secrets: Scha Alyahya on regaining her pre-baby figure

Scha Alyahya
Scha Alyahya
By Karmun Ng
January 26, 2015

Scha Alyahya has kept it natural her entire pregnancy journey and intends to lose the pregnancy weight the same way -- by walking, working out and breastfeeding. 

Scha Alyahya is a woman of many talents.

As a model, actress, television host, and emcee, she is often spotted at the city's hippest events. Now she is also the proud mother of a beautiful baby girl, 6-month-old Lara Alana. 

Looking at her however, you wouldn't be able to tell she had just given birth less than a year ago. Her trim figure remains the envy of many, on and off television. 

"Having a baby is something I'd never forget and don't mind going through again," says Scha of her experience. 

We speak to her further about how her first pregnancy was and what are her secrets to regaining her figure so quickly. 

Scha Alyahya


Congratulations on your beautiful daughter! How was the pregnancy for you as a first-time mum?

My first trimester was really bad and challenging. I was admitted for a few days due to dehydration. But everything got better during my second and third trimester. Overall, it's a very enlightening experience. 


Where were some of the biggest changes you saw in yourself when you were pregnant?

There were quite a few good and nice changes . I didn't get any breakouts , my skin was flawless, hair was fuller and thicker. Except towards the end of my third trimester, my nose got really big and I came down with eczema.


How did you overcome that?

I reminded myself that everything will go back to normal soon and everything that's happening was just only temporary.


How did you keep fit when you were pregnant?

I worked a lot. I was pretty active till the end of my pregnancy. I walked as much as I could everyday. I worked out in my room when time is of constraint. I even went to events and participated in carnivals during the Ramadhan month.


After giving birth, how did you get back to your figure?

Cardio and breastfeeding help a lot! i think I still have a few pounds to shed. I still eat a lot. I have to take rice everyday without fail. I'm still working on getting myself back into shape by being active. 


Did you fall victim to stretch marks? 

I guess I'm a lucky mommy. No stretchmarks, but I do have scars from the eczema.


What were some products that really helped soothe the whole pregnancy process for you? 

Gaviscon was my best friend! 


Travelling and going anywhere with a baby is never easy. Share with us some of your makeup tips on how you look good while being busy and on-the-go. 

I learnt one thing as a new mum. To save time, no foundation. Only sunblock and make up base is enough. Conceal and powder, simple as that. The less chemicals on your face, the better.



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