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Beauty Society Secrets: Truefitt & Hill brand manager, Cathal Lenihan, on outgrowing Movember

Society Secrets: Truefitt & Hill brand manager, Cathal Lenihan, on outgrowing Movember

Cathal Lenihan, brand manager Truefitt & Hill
By Karmun Ng
November 20, 2014

November is the month to grow a moustache and do your part for charity -- Cathal Lenihan, brand manager of Truefitt & Hill shows you how to look and feel good while at it.

If you've been seeing a lot of men sporting moustaches or even a full-grown beard lately, fret not because November marks the start of Movember, the annual month-long event when men keep their moustaches to raise awareness for prostate or other male cancers. 

It started off as a call for Mo Bros to grow a moustache and join in the cause of raising awareness for early detection, diagnosis and treatment, but some have taken the effort further by growing out their beards, too, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. 

"Facial hair gives a man a distinguished appearance and one of authority," says Cathal Lenihan, brand manager of Truefitt & Hill. "It is also the fashionable thing to do right now, if you are lucky enough to grow one." 

Seems like he is on the same page as Megat Alfie, who is also in favour of men sporting facial hair.

Cathal Lenihan, brand manager of Truefitt & Hill

For those of you joining in on the manly cause, Lenihan has a few tips for you in wearing your facial hair to true glory and combing out the discomfort at the same time. 


How can one keep facial hair looking well-groomed? 

A trip to Truefitt & Hill on a weekly basis is a must for any man with facial hair. However a man needs to do a few things himself on a daily basis. It needs to be washed and conditioned regularly. I would recommend the Truefitt & Hill moisturising shampoo followed by the Truefitt & Hill conditioner. Also, the beard is to be brushed regularly during the day if the hair is longer.


In the month of November, some men are taking on the Movember Challenge. How can they look presentable in such a task? 

The whole idea is actually to grow a moustache and not a full beard so a trip to Truefitt & Hill is recommended to keep your moustache in shape. Ask our barbers what shape will suit the shape of your face.


The main irk for most men in keeping facial hair is the discomfort, particularly itching. How would you recommend they ease that? 

This is a question every man asks me and there is no simple answer. For the first 1-2 weeks there will always be some degree of itchiness. However, I do recommend that a good facial scrub is used in this period. Truefitt & Hill No. 10 facial scrub is ideal. What it does is remove the dead skin cells from the face which is a cause for ingrown hairs and reduces the itch.


At the end of the month when the time comes to shave it all off, what do you recommend these men do to avoid ingrown stubble or dry skin? 

Use clippers to remove the bulk of the hair firstly. Then, use a good quality clean blade. Also, a pre-shave oil will radically reduce ingrown hair and razor burn to give a smooth shave. Follow the shave using a facial moisturiser specifically for men. Truefitt & Hill has a range called the Ultimate collection which is unscented and designed for men’s skin.


What makes an experience at Truefitt & Hill recommended during this time? 

Our barbers are of an international standard mainly coming from the Middle East where there is a very strong tradition of barbering. We also pride ourselves in our exceptional level of hygiene. Our motto is “Grooming men for Greatness”.


(Photos: Truefitt & Hill)


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